YA Dystopian Reading Challenge

The YA Dystopian Reading Challenge is hosted by Bart’s Bookshelf. This is the first official reading challenge that I am participating in! I thought that it would be really good to join this because it will get rid a lot of books in my to-read pile. Also, it will give me a chance to finally read the rest of the Mortal Engines quartet.

Since I really do enjoy dystopian novels, I thought that Level 3 would be appropriate. I really don’t think that reading five books will be that difficult for me…. We’ll see!

Challenge runs: October 1st 2010 through to December 19th 2010.

Books to Read:
Bullet Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve
Bullet Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve
Bullet A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve
Bullet Hunger by Michael Grant
Bullet The Maze Runner by James Dashner


  1. Have fun with your challenge! This reminds me that I have yet to try one out. Hunger’s concept sounds so unique; I really want to read it. :)

    And The Maze Runner is awesome. Loving how dystopian is becoming more prominent in YA!

  2. Why does there have to be so many great books to read? I completely forgot that I intended to read Mortal Engines for this challenge. Well, if I have time I will, if not I will find time for it with the steampunk challenge I joined!

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