Top of the Shelf #16

A weekly meme on the books on the top of my list to read and books recently acquired, borrowed, or bought. Inspired by the Story Siren’s In My Mailbox.

Top of the Shelf / Currently Reading
What’s next on my to-read list for the upcoming week. I ended up switching around the books I read this past week, so The Reluctant Heiress is making its second appearance at the top of my to-read.

From the (ebook) Library
Uh-oh. A paranormal book. I honestly don’t know what’s happening to the state of my ban.

Won from Giveaways
I never usually win giveaways so I was so ecstatic when I won Matched from Down the Rabbit Hole. I also finally got Shiver in the mail from The Authoress.


  1. I love the writing in Shiver, it’s so beautiful! And I’ve heard great things about Nightshade and Matched, looking forward to your thoughts on them. I hope you enjoy your books!

  2. Shiver is such a beautiful book. I can’t wait to read your reviews on all of them. I’m curious about Matched and Nightshade especially. I haven’t read either of them yet.

  3. Congrats on the wins! I’m especially curious to know what you think of the paranormal books. I actually liked Shiver (which I was really not expecting), but haven’t read Nightshade yet.

  4. Every time I see The Lying Game in the bookstore I wonder if I should get it. Let us know if its good :). And Shiver is a wonderful book I think you’ll love it.

  5. Nice books! I had a copy of The Lying Game from the library but I returned it unread. I don’t think I can take the suspense of another Sara Shepard cliffhanger :) I’ll wait until the whole series is published.

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