The [Epic] Comic Con ARC Giveaway

Or… These ARCs Are (Unloved and) Lonely & Need A New Home Giveaway.

BLOODROSE & A MILLION SUNS?! Yes, both of them. I believe that both ARCs need new loving owners. Bloodrose is an extra. I plan on reading and reviewing it, but I don’t need *two* copies of the same ARC. A Million Suns on the other hand… Well let’s just say I’m in the minority of readers who did not enjoy reading Across the Universe. After rereading my review, I came up with the conclusion that I’m not going to waste time on a series I never planned on continuing.

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  1. I’d prefer it if you were a blogger. These are ARCs after all. If you post reviews on GoodReads, that is fine as well. Read & review the books eventually, or karma will come out and get you.
  2. US Only. Shipping is expensive.
  3. 13 years of age or older. It’s the law.
  4. You must be a follower. I’m a poor college student. I’m giving up a meal to pay for postage. It’s the least you can do. :P
  5. And I know it’s quite obvious, but it needs to be said: one entry per person.
  6. You have until November 8th 2011 at 11:59 PM.


  1. AHHHH!!! I think I just peed in my pants. I WANT THESE SO BAAAAD, especially Bloodrose!!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    *crosses fingers and hopes*

  2. Augh, Comic Con! I wanted to go this year but couldn’t because of school…and work. *shakes fist* curse you, responsibilities!

    xD anyways, thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Wowsers! I’m dying to get my hands on BOTH of these! I’d even pay your shipping charges so you don’t starve! No one who’s thoughtful enough to give away their ARCs should go hungry! :D Thanks for this AWESOME opportunity!

  4. High-five for not enjoying Across the Universe! (Not that it’s exactly something to be celebrated… :P) Glad there’re people of my opinion out there. :)

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