The Brutal Spectacle

It is not the first time that my family has hosted a pay-per-view hosting party at our house, but it was the first time that I ever participated in the spectacle of watching Manny Pacquiao beat his opponent to smithereens.

During these parties, I usually opt for the “quiet” solitude of my room. Of course I can still hear the raucous laughter from the living room as twenty family members and friends cram into our living space, but it’s quiet enough to keep myself sane.

My friend Alex was able to keep me company yesterday so I bravely endured the crowded rooms as I waited for the main event. At eleven thirty, everyone crammed into the living room in front of the HDTV, eagerly awaiting for the match to begin.

Boxing is so brutal. While I cheered for Manny Pacquiao from the inside, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Miguel Cotto. It was so barbaric to see Pacquiao beat him until his face was unrecognizable. I guess it’s not as bad when I think about how much money Cotto is probably getting out of this. Millions of dollars should compensate for ruining his face. And time does heal…

But why do people watch this kind of sporting event? Do they get an adrenaline rush to see such violent acts? Is it purely Filipino pride?

I do admit that I enjoyed watching…. And as far as I can tell, there isn’t anything morally wrong. Cotto is a willing participant after all. He asked for it.
Short blog, but I still have a lot of work to finish. Enjoy the new layout.


  1. you have to view boxing the way manny views it – as an art. his punches and jabs are clean. he tests his opponent’s power – during those two rounds he let cotto punch him. they hit each other in strategic places. lallalalalaa HI :mrgreen:

  2. i think its so cute and awesome that you guys have these events (: its like a family gathering ! all my family gatherings are always at restaurants…
    BOXING… not really into that kinda stuff but yeah, more for guys i guess.

  3. Yeah, long time no comment!
    And thank you!

    I love this layout. The colours are pretty!

    Boxing is pretty interesting to watch, but i’m not that into sports, so it’s still kinda boring, ;p

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