Stephanie Perkins and Cover Make-Overs

Anyone who’s followed my blogs or followed me on Twitter pretty much knows that I fangirl hard over Stephanie Perkins and her books. So imagine my surprise when I found out a few days ago that Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door were going to get cover make-overs to match the cover of the soon-to-be released Isla and the Happily Ever After.

When I first found out, I was really, really hesitant. I mean, covers get changed mid-series ALL the time. (Okay, these books aren’t really a series, more like companion novels, but STILL.) But I never felt so much apprehension before. I guess I just didn’t care as much before because I wasn’t as attached to these books. Now that I think about it, this might be the first time that one of my favorite books has gone through a cover change. At first, I didn’t want to like the new covers on principle, but I knew that wasn’t fair. I had to give it a chance especially because Stephanie Perkins herself was excited about them.

Isla and the Happily Ever AfterLola and the Boy Next DoorAnna and the French Kiss

When I saw the new covers this morning, I have to admit that my initial reaction was not instant loathing. In fact, I immediately thought, Oh! This actually works.

Thinking back, it’s easy for me to accept the new covers of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door because I really didn’t like the original cover for Anna in the first place. It took me forever to pick up the book because I had such negative misconceptions about it. Think along the lines of, Icky girly romance book.

The new covers? Well, first of all, they seem a lot less girly now. They also seem older. I actually wouldn’t mind reading this on the subway. While I don’t really get embarrassed when I’m reading in public (I’m a public book reader/crier), I’d probably be a lot more comfortable toting these books more than the original.

Plus, I really love how each cover captures the setting of each book. I think that place has such a powerful meaning for the characters, and it’s nice to see that the covers reflect that.

I’m a bit sad that my books won’t match, but in this case, at least I know have my excuse to buy a fourth (yes four) copy of Anna.


  1. I totally had the same reaction – I was like, NOOOO but then, YESSSS lol ;) I loved the old covers but I like these a lot, too. I really do hate cover changes, but there are a couple of times when they make sense – like this time. :)

    Great post!!

  2. I totally expected to open this blog post and see a rant from you. ;-)
    I initially HATED them, but they’re slowly growing on me. I still don’t think they reflect the content adequately, though.

    1. The covers are really hard for me to hate when Stephanie Perkins calls them her dream covers. It’s really nice to hear an author say that about her covers. Because you know they never really get a say.

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