So long for now

It was most unfortunate to leave Scholastic this past Wednesday. It was really sad knowing that I won’t be stopping by for a full month. My internship has officially come to an end. I spent the day doing what I usually do: sort through the mail, read manuscripts (mostly from agents), go through the slush pile, send out rejections, etc. Overall, it was a relaxing day though I didn’t really read anything exciting for the most part. (We got a weird manuscript through email actually, but I won’t go into details. It was really disturbing.)

To kind of celebrate my last day, Kimmy, my mentor, and I went out to a dosa place in SoHo for lunch. We later looked it up and Wiki pretty much described it as an Indian pancake, though it was more crepe-like than pancake-like in my opinion. I’ve never had it before so I found it really exciting to try something new. I had a dosa with chicken curry, red onions, and spinach with mango chutney on the side. I was not disappointed. It was very tasty but also very filling.

Kimmy and I managed to snag a few free galleys on our way out of internship that day. I love the free book bins at Scholastic and I was so happy they were restocked. The titles I managed to get: Runaway by Meg Cabot, Stolen by Lucy Christopher, Countdown by Deborah Wiles, and two books that I worked on this year: Wish I Might by Colleen Paratore and No Such Thing As Dragons by Philip Reeve. I haven’t read the first three yet, but hopefully I’ll get to them soon. I have been looking forward to reading Runaway for now and I was very glad to have gotten a copy!

All in all, I learned a great deal about the publishing world and myself throughout my internship. I am very thankful for this experience. I am very eager to go back during the summer and I am counting down the days!

Also this week, I scheduled my classes for the fall. My mom thinks that it’s crazy that I’ll be only taking four classes, but this is college after all. She said that she was glad that she wasn’t paying for any of it because it didn’t sound like to her that I was taking classes of “substance”. I was willing to take a required class for my first semester just to get it out of the way in the future, but my academic adviser told me to take the classes that I wanted to. So I did. I’m signed up for Expository Writing, Literature and Film, Arts in New York City, and Significant Themes in American Culture. They sound all exciting to me…. Reading books, watching films, going to art exhibits…

I also managed to put up a new WordPress theme this week. I was in the mood for a simple, clean layout so I put this one up. I love refreshing the page just to get a quote from one of my favorite books.

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