Snow & Madame Pince

I remember when I used to love snow. I would look forward to the snow days so I could bundle up in five different layers and go outside for hours. I would build forts, snowmen, and snow angels. I’d leave time for a snowball fight every now and then. I’d go sledding down the steep slope in the park behind our house, holding onto the sled for dear life, trying to think of a way to stop that didn’t involve jumping off the sled.

Now, I’m not so fond of snow anymore. While I’m still looking forward to getting days off because of a strong snowstorm, the luster of playing outside in the cold, blistering snow has lost me. I’d rather stay in and snuggle up in bed with my Nook and read. I’d rather bake ginger cookies and drink hot chocolate. The only thing missing from this lovely picture is sitting by the fire, but alas, we don’t have a fireplace.

This is the second biggest storm that we’ve had in two weeks, this one being bigger. We’re supposed to still get an inch to three inches today (enough already!). You can’t really tell how much snow we got based on the picture below… We definitely got over a foot, but I don’t think it’s quite enough to make two feet of snow. I should add that I’ve been wanting to get a ruler outside to measure how much we get, but I’m much too late. The snow is melting already… or at least I think it is.

So much snow, the fence to the park can’t be opened!

So speaking of snuggling in bed, after months of agonizing torture, I finally bought myself an ereader. After a lot of debate, I finally decided to go with the Nook. I read a ton of reviews before, and even though the Kindle 2 came out as a winner more times than I could count, I just woke up one day and decided to go with the Nook. Shocking really, because before, I thought I already decided to go with the Kindle (like the one Moz and I got for Lore’s birthday, lucky girl). I did do my research so I knew what problems I was going to be facing…

But nonetheless, I am very happy with my new Nook. So far it has managed to freeze up on me twice so far since I got it last Saturday. Christened Madame Pince (after the Hogwarts librarian), I have learned to be very patient with it, trying not to freak out if it doesn’t respond right away to avoid freezing it up. I really like how it’s customizable. I bought the lovely Alice in Wonderland cover, that was sold out online but available at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City! I’m truly not an Alice in Wonderland fan, but the bookish feel it gives is so irresistibly charming. My current screen saver features Tonks (art by Makani) and other HP characters.

Now, more than ever, I have an itch to read.

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  1. Oh, snow :D
    I totally agree with you, when I was younger I used to play in the snow, but as the times passes by I’m not into it anymore.. :twisted: I heard about that snowstorms, it’s pretty tricky, but use it as best as you can, be creative, make a snowman until it melts down :idea:
    Btw tonks look silly on that drawing, thanks for sharing the link, I’m browsing HP art site now :)

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