I’ve been meaning to write this since Wednesday, but I got a little carried away by other things.

So I had my internship interview at Scholastic. Which meant that I went into New York City early on Wednesday morning by the bus, took a subway down to Prince and Broadway, and nearly hyperventilated at Dean and Deluca’s while having breakfast. I swear thtat I almost had a panic attack. I tried not to let it show… after all, I was in a public place. I contacted Lore immediately (who by the way wasn’t entirely supportive because I learned that she would kill for an internship at Scholastic). A few messages via Blackberry Messenger, and I was feeling much better. I slipped on my heels and made my way across the street to the Scholastic building.

The Harry Potter shrine greeted me in the lobby and I forced back a smile. After all those nerves, I apparently had nothing to worry about. My mentor was super nice and the interview was so laid back and casual. She answered all my questions and I knew that this was the internship I wanted for the fall. Did I mention that I got free books? It’s really a great perk!

My interview lasted twenty minutes. I was shocked as to how short it was but I wasn’t going to start complaining. I had hours to kill before I needed to meet up with my mom at her office so I spent the next two and a half hours trying to go shopping. I think I walked over twenty blocks browsing through SoHo.  I tried on so many clothes but ended up not buying anything. It was a pain but nothing really screamed at me.
At half past twelve, I took a subway to Times Square and walked ten or something blocks to Magnolia. I couldn’t leave without getting a cupcake…. It just wasn’t  right. By that time, my feet were threatening to fall off but the promise of cupcakes made it worth the hassle.


  1. Scholastic? ooooo how did it go? ;o; i hope it went well!

    i know what you mean…walking around and not buying anything =A=; i walked around Manhattan Mall, Queens Center, Times Square…hoping to buy something, and there was nothing T_T

  2. Whoa…Scholastic, eh? that’s killer-cool to the 10th degree! That’d be awesome to do an internship for someone like them! Hope you have fun :D

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