RIP Alexander

I distinctly remember when I heard the tragic news of the deaths of Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. I was shocked to hear the news of their passing since it was so unexpected. They were truly gone before their time and it was a tragedy to the film and music industry.

I was deeply anguished today to hear of the passing of Alexander McQueen, beloved designer of my favorite alien shoes. Despite the fact that many fashion critics went on and on about these shoes, I really thought, as weird as they were, they were the result of a genius at work. Sure I’d never be caught dead wearing them, but I would respect any woman who had the guts to strut in those towering heels. They are simply iconic.

I never thought I’d be near in tears over someone’s passing… especially someone I didn’t even know personally, but I can’t lie and say I wasn’t. This is truly a big loss for the fashion industry, and I can’t help but think of the inopportune passing of such a big designer. I can’t also help but wonder on just how much more Alexander McQueen could have done. It makes me even more depressed that I don’t own anything from the label.


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