Pure by Julianna Baggott: Behind the Book Interview & Giveaway

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Pure by Julianna Baggott

Did You Know?

  • Though Pure never went through title changes, the title for Book III has changed quite a lot
  • A character named Arturo had to be cut from the book
  • Read on to find out more Behind the Book info about PURE by Julianna Baggott!

How many months did it take for you to write the original draft of PURE?
Honestly, I have no idea. I worked on it for years — before I even knew that this was the shape it would take, and then I worked on it while no one was looking — squirreling away time and flying under the radar of other deadlines. Years — off and on.

How long did the overall production of your book take from the moment it was sent to your editor to the final publication date?
It was probably the fastest book in terms of publication turn-around.The book had gone through so many rounds of edits before it went to auction — polishing, polishing — so the edits weren’t overhaul variety. It sold in October of 2010 and will publish in February of 2012.

Throughout the editorial process were there any significant changes to your story in terms of plot?
BEFORE it went to my editor, there were major changes with each draft. There use to be this character I loved named Arturo. He had his own point of view, a hefty one. But he had to be cut. I miss him.

What was the most challenging part of writing and the editorial process?
Each novel teaches you how to write it. That’s humbling. You never know when a novel is going to twist on you like a fish and jump from your hands. You should welcome this moment — it means the characters have their own life. But it’s scary too.

Did PURE go through any title changes?
It didn’t. I was set on the title from the beginning. The title of Book III in the trilogy has been up for grabs, though, and has changed a few times.

Is there anything else that you could tell us about PURE that we wouldn’t know unless we were part of the editorial team at Grand Central?
Here’s the thing: in my heart of hearts, I want PURE to steal its way into the hands of a number of writers I admire. (I won’t go into a long list here, but if Neil Gaiman and/or Margaret Atwood stumble upon this page, well, I’d blush.) I aspire for PURE to eventually find its way to one of the shelves in their houses — alphabetized or not. It would make the glue and binding very very happy — as well as me.

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