Presidents Day


I felt like writing my blog today… Didn’t feel like fooling around with Photoshop.

So I spent my free day doing absolutely nothing! We were supposed to go to Philly but that plan was bust. No one felt like driving. We went to the mall and I had a feeling I should’ve stayed home but I opted to be dragged around the whole day since I can’t find anything on the internet to entertain myself with. I didn’t buy anything which is good. After seeing Equus three times (no regrets there!) I really don’t have the money to spend left and right. I don’t really mind… I already have more than enough clothes in my closet.

I’ve got no plans for the rest of the week. Maybe I should use that time wisely and write &/or study!!! :P


  1. Aw someone had a laze around day! I love those. unless im super duper bored. Wow, everyone online that I know was off from school for president’s day (or in some cases president week!) wow i never got that luxury down here in louisiana’s school system. sucks for us

  2. I really do love how you post your blogs. It’s so incredibly creative but so tough to read. *lol*

    Sometimes it’s a good thing to let your friends drag you out just to get away from the internet. I know that when I get frustrated with finding nothing to do online, I try to get myself to go out and do something outside. The fresh air, even mall air, is good for ya. ;)

  3. I have been wasting time this week too. We’re on reading week here and I was supposed to be doing school work all week. While I have got some done, I haven’t done as much as I should have, or would have, if I didn’t come to stay at my parents house. I instead have been playing computer games and spending time with friends and family.

  4. I’ve actually been productive this week. I can’t explain it, I think I’ve been body snatched by some kind of productive person who isn’t me, lol.

    I’m all over not having any money, it’s my signature trait, lol. Sometimes, though, just a walk around the mall can do you some good.

  5. As much as I love the Internet, I can get pretty restless if I stay logged on for too long. I guess I always feel useless if I waste too much time in it, which is pretty often. Oh well :P

  6. yeah… i wonder what your superbeta would say about you not writing?



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