No Time to Spare

I really have been wanting to blog ever since I got back from California… but as time went on, I became increasingly lazy to pull open Photoshop, look for a scan, etc. I think I’m done with my little paper project for a while now. I’ll continue to scout for pretty paper, but for now, I won’t use them to blog. Maybe when I find the time…

My internship at Scholastic has really made me reevaluate my college choices. The more time I spend there, the more I realize that maybe psychology isn’t right for me. Maybe I really should go study literature. It was the one thing that I knew I liked ever since I was a little kid… and I never really took that interest so seriously until I found a kind of career in which I could do what I love to do: read.

Other than maintaining all my various websites (in particular, my newest project: Portraits fashion blog & my fanlisting collective), I have done a lot of reading for school, for internship, and for pleasure. I’m on the verge of finishing Great Expectations, which surprisingly and begrudgingly, I am enjoying. True, Dickens takes a lot of words just to get the point across, but I have to say that I love the way he crafts a novel. How everything and everyone is connected one way or another.

During these last few days, I was entirely consumed by a manuscript I read for internship. It was all I could think about (and I still can’t stop…). I was so determined to finish it. It does need a lot of modifications, in my opinion, and I can’t very well say whether or not it is going to be published or if it is even publishing material, but I enjoyed it very much. Reading just has this way of taking over my body and everything becomes second priority to finishing the story.

In terms of my social life, I’ll be going out to the city with my best friend tonight. It was her birthday yesterday so we’ll be celebrating the night away. I haven’t gone to the city for pleasure since December (internship does not count…) so I am looking forward to a night out in the town.

San Francisco, you were very good to me but I have to say that I missed New York.


  1. I can understand how you would get tired of scanning each & every time you post.. I’d get sick of it pretty quick!

    I keep on forgetting to visit your blog, so I think I’ll add you to my links page so I remember. Do you happen to have an RSS feed for this site?

    I hope you had a nice girls-night-out! :smile: I’m going to check out your fashion blog now~

  2. After 6 months of university I decided that my course (sociology and criminology) wasn’t for me. It happens. If you are already thinking that psycology isn’t for you, maybe it is worth looking into changing into something you know you would love. Loving your job is the most important thinng! I am going to check your fashion blog :D

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