New Philip Reeve Book: Scrivener’s Moon

I’ve been following the awesome Philip Reeve (@PhilipReevebks) for a while now, but it was only today that I actually @replied to ask a question. If you’ve been following my blog or know me personally, you must know that I absolutely adore his books. I am a huge fan of FEVER CRUMB ever since I got to read it during my internship at Scholastic. I also worked on the sequel A WEB OF AIR while I was there. Though A WEB OF AIR hasn’t even been released here in the US, I am already anticipating the last installment of the Hungry City Prequels. So I asked:

@PhilipReevebks what’s the status on Hungry City Prequel #3?

I really was not expecting a reply. I’m not sure how popular Philip Reeve is on Twitter, nor am I familiar with his @reply habits. So imagine my surprise when I get two replies about the upcoming book:

@cialina Hello Cialina! Delivered it to Scholastic a few weeks ago;should publish in the UK in the spring. It’s long! & kind of dark…
@cialina And it’s called ‘Scrivener’s Moon’.

Best news of the week! I am already counting down until spring for SCRIVENER’S MOON. I’ve checked GoodReads and Amazon in search of more news or a cover, but there has not been anything yet. I will keep my eyes open for more updates though! There are already so many great titles releasing in the spring: if you’re in the UK, you must definitely check out SCRIVENER’S MOON, and if you’re in the US, A WEB OF AIR is a must-read! Of course, FEVER CRUMB needs to be read first.


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