My First BEA Experience

First of all, this will be such a boring post since I didn’t bother to take any pictures at all! I know, I’m terrible. But the highlight of my BEA experience is probably meeting Darla and Sandy from Read. Chat. Love. We’ve only been talking almost every day online for the last few months and it was finally nice to meet them! I’ve never met any online friends I’ve had until BEA, and you know, as an active member online, I’ve accumulated lots of online friends even outside of the book blogging world.

BEA week was unfortunately the most tiring week I’ve ever experienced. On top of BEA, I had three finals and move-out day at my dorm. So I basically ran around Manhattan the entire week! I raced through all my finals (oops!) to get from the Upper East Side to the Javitz Center which was extremely tiring! BEA on top of finals were extremely mentally exhausting. But despite the fact that I am / was extremely whiny about how tired I was and still am, BEA was completely worth it.

I admit, I didn’t do as much networking as I would have liked. My first day at BEA, I felt extremely lost and tired and I didn’t quite know how to just go about it. It was kind of strange for me to just pick up books. Like seriously? Books for free? But eventually, I did get the hang of it, and I did talk to a few publishers and bloggers! Seriously, I really need to learn to go up and talk to people. Hopefully, I’ll be better next year!!!

And I’m unfortunately not posting the massive (which is really not that massive compared to what I’ve seen on other blogs…) stash of BEA books because I did just move back from college and to be honest, I am exhausted from reorganizing my books that I’ve somehow accumulated while I was away at school. It seems that my book collection has grown twice its size. Here’s a small preview of the books I did get (and that I remember getting):

I did end up getting the books I wanted except for LOLA and FOREVER. I’m satisfied with my haul even if it doesn’t compare to other people. No jealousy from me. I’m just glad that I got to go!

And one last thing… While waiting on line to get my autographed copy of DARKER STILL, I had an amazing epiphany. Sourcebooks had a massive poster of the cover, and that’s when I realized that the dress on the cover looked like my senior year prom dress! Crazy!


  1. Oh wow that is crazy but so cool, you just need one of those hoop things to go underneath xD.

    And glad to hear you had fun at BEA! I should probably start getting in shape now if there is going to be a lot of walking going on.

  2. Wow, that dress looks exactly the same! It’s very pretty, too. I’m curious about that book so I can’t wait to read your review. I hope you enjoy all your books. Congrats on getting (almost) everything you wanted!

  3. Oh my goodness – that dress is so beautiful (and so are you!) and it’s exactly like the one on the cover!!!

    GOSH I wish I could’ve gone to BEA… I wish we had something like that over here in Australia. I would be hesitant to pick up books for free, too! Great haul you got :)

  4. That dress is a dead ringer! Even though you didn’t get two of your favorites it looks like you got quite a few amazing books at BEA!

    Lovely blog btw!

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