Muggle-Born’s Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway!

Muggle-Born Turns One!

It feels like forever since I started this blog. It’s been one of many many blogs I’ve started ever since I got into blogging nine or so years ago. And I admit, I’ve never been so dedicated with any other blog before. Thanks so much to all my blogger friends that I’ve gotten to know these last few months. I hope you guys stick around for another year of bookish fun. :P

The Giveaway

And now, for what everyone’s really here for… The Big Giveaway. After asking on Twitter, the Mystery Box of Books won the majority of the vote. One winner will receive a box of 6 books which include ARCs (of books released and not yet released) and finished copies.

And because I can’t resist, here are some clues about three books in the Mystery Box:

  • An upcoming fall title from one of my favorite authors!
  • A late summer title from one of my favorite contemp authors that I finally got to meet this year!
  • A historical novel that’s been on my TBR for a very long time!

Yep, the clues are vague but it’s better than nothing, right?



  • US ONLY. Sorry, I’m a poor college student with no job.
  • There will be one winner only.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email.
  • Please no cheating! One entry per person.
  • Giveaway ends July 18th, 2011.
  • Must use form to enter giveaway. While comments are nice, they will not count as entries for the giveaway.
  • Lastly, following is much appreciated but not required.



  1. Happy blogoversary Cialina! I love your blog =) Have I mentioned how PRETTY it is? *yes i have. Audrey, you need to stop saying that every time you visit.*

    1. LOL thanks Audrey – not only for the lovely compliment but also for stopping by so often on the blog! :D

  2. Congrats, Cialina! This seems like the perfect time to say that OMG Muggle-Born is gorgeous. And did you actually MAKE this theme by yourself (like the copyright says)? Like, all the coding and stuff? *bows down to Cialina*

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