Most Read Authors

After reading The Story Siren’s post on her Most Read Authors, I decided to check mine out and see which authors are most prominent on have read list. The results? Very shocking.

1. Meg Cabot

This comes to be as a surprise, not because she’s number one, but because of the amount of books I’ve read. I loved Meg Cabot in my early teen years and to this day, I do still continue to read her books even if I’m no longer as much as a fan of the contemporary genre. But seriously… 28 books?!

2. Julia Quinn

Well this just goes to show that I have to explore other historical romance authors. I do love Julia Quinn but I’m getting to the point that I can recognize her writing style. I did read the entire Bridgerton series, which contributes to the whopping 12 books that I have read. But that’s nothing close to Meg Cabot’s books.

3. Charlaine Harris

This one wasn’t a surprise at all since I do read the Sookie Stackhouse series. There’s ten books in counting so she’ll remain to be one of my most read authors.

4. Philip Reeve & J.K. Rowling

How awesome is it that two of my favorite authors are tied for fourth place with 8 books? I actually never realized how much I’ve read of Philip Reeve’s books until now.

6. Diana Gabaldon

Again, not surprising. Hopefully Diana Gabaldon will bump up the rankings as more books come out, but that can take a couple of years.

7. Megan McCafferty

Five books. The Jessica Darling series. It’s a series so it wasn’t too surprising.

8. Libba Bray, Anna Godsbersen, and David Levithan

Three-way tie! Libba Bray and Anna Godsbersen aren’t too much of a surprise because they wrote series, but I’m very glad that David Levithan made the list! Of course, Anna Gosbersen will probably get bumped up ahead of Levithan and Bray very soon because of BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS (which I’m currently reading).

I’m very happy that GoodReads added this new feature! It’s certainly fun to keep track of what you’ve read in various ways. I love checking out my statistics.


  1. If I put in all of the books I’ve read over my lifetime, then Ann M. Martin would probably be number one with a crazy amount of books. I was in love with the Babysitters’ Club. :P

    Wow, I didn’t even realize Meg Cabot wrote that many books!

    1. Hah, when I checked my younger sister’s list, she had a staggering 60-something books read by Ann M. Martin! She told me it was probably a lot more than what it said on GoodReads. I actually never got into the series like she did. :/

      Yes, me neither!

  2. Hi Cialina! It’s always nice to see another Bubble member floating around :). I’ve actually been following your book blog for quite some time (it was actually from you that I decided to pick up Anna and the French Kiss and The Agency series!), but your e-mail subscription form doesn’t work so I just have random ninja sneak visits every now and then <3.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amber! You have no idea how happy it made me to hear that you picked up those books because of me! I love sharing good books with others. :) Thanks for the heads up about the email subscription. I will try to see if I can get that fixed!

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