Most Read Authors: 2012 Edition

Wow, it has almost been a whole year since I did my first post on my Most Read Authors (according to GoodReads). Last year’s results were quite shocking for me since I just didn’t realize the amount of books I’ve read by certain authors.

I’ve obviously read a lot more books in the last year, so I’ll be curious to see how the numbers have or have not changed.

Last Year’s Most Read Authors:

  1. Meg Cabot – 28
  2. Julia Quinn – 12
  3. Charlaine Harris – 10
  4. Philip Reeve & J.K. Rowling – 8
  5. Diana Gabaldon – 7
  6. Megan McCafferty – 5
  7. Libba Bray, Anna Godsbersen, David Levithan – 4

Most Read Authors of 2012 So Far

1. Meg Cabot – 29: I think it will be a long time before someone takes the number one spot from Meg Cabot. I basically spent my entire teen years reading her books. And of course, I can now say my “entire teen years” because I am no longer, unfortunately, a teenager since I turned 20. But that’s off-topic.

2. Julia Quinn – 15: I fell in love with historical romance through Julia Quinn. I’m still making my way through all her books so it might take a while, but I think Julia Quinn has the best shot of dethroning Meg Cabot as my most read author.

3. Charlaine Harris – 11: Since I really did not like the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, I’m a little bit embarassed to have read them all. Alas, I can’t hide that fact and so, Charlaine Harris has made my list.

4. Philip Reeve – 9: I honestly hold all other science fiction – especially steampunk! – books up against Philip Reeve’s novels. If you have not heard of him, look up his Mortal Engine series. They are so hard to find in the US, but they are worth searching for.

5. J.K. Rowling – 8: Harry Potter + Beedle the Bard. I guess i did not include Quidditch Through the Ages nor Fantastic Beasts on GoodReads.

6. Richelle Mead & Diana Gabaldon – 7: Well, I read the entire Vampire Academy series last year, so this isn’t too surprising. I do plan on reading more Gabaldon in 2012, but I also do plan on continuing Richelle Mead’s spin-off series so we’ll have to see if we break this tie next year!

7. Anna Godbersen, David Levithan, Megan McCafferty & Rick Riordan – 6: I will always read a book by David Levithan. I know there are still some older books that I haven’t gotten to yet. I guess I’ll read more Anna Godbersen when the next Bright Young Things book comes out, but it’s not really high on my priority. On the other hand, Rick Riordan’s books have been put on hold until he completes another series. I’d rather just read all of his books straight through! Rick Riordan is the only new author to make the list this year. Sorry, Libba Bray! You’ve been booted.

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  1. This is so cool! I think I should check out my Most Read Authors, too!

    I haven’t read much Meg Cabot. Like one or two books. O.O Heck, that is so little, I’m actually ashamed. v.v

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