Mission (More Than) Accomplished

There are loads of things that I would have liked to have done in the near future. In two days, I managed to get a lot ticked off the list.

1). Have a Magnolia cupcake (again). I love the fact that Magnolia is now accessible midtown Manhattan. It’s a quick and easy walk from Port Authority.

2). Get in line for TKTS. Great luck: after one of the people who worked at the infamous booth tipped us, we managed to find out about the other line and ended up waiting ten minutes max once the booth opened up at 2 PM. Great Deal of the Day: 1/2 Price Avenue Q tickets at 67.90 a piece.

3). See another Broadway show that wasn’t Equus. In this case, it was preferably a musical. It wasn’t on my agenda originally but as my friends had other plans and couldn’t hang out with me while my godmother and younger brother went to see the show, I ended up tagging along. Worth it: great laughs, good times. After the show, experienced a (very!) laidback and surreal Stage Door experience with the cast.

4). Get familiar with the subway and get comfortable with the idea of getting lost. Maps are key. Don’t be afraid to ask. Have a general idea (via Blackberry) of what subways to take.

5). Celebrity sighting at New York City: I felt like a stalker. On the second day trip to NYC, we were around SoHo aimlessly walking around when we spotted a group of paparazzi. It turns out, Heidi Freaking Klum (and her adorable children) were shopping.

6). New culinary experiences: Carnegie Deli and Big Daddy’s Diner. I wasn’t overly impressed with Carnegie… I guess it’s just not my kind of meal. Big Daddy’s on the other hand… Super cute menus, cool decor, and awesome buffalo chicken sandwich!

8). MoMA. It’s a shame. Up until today, I’ve never been to a museum in the City. I finally went. It’s weird – there are some contemporary pieces that I don’t get but the others that do… I can’t ever forget them.

9). Best show ever. Hands down. I can’t describe it… It’ll ruin the fun. Fuerza Bruta. It’s wild, wet, and crazy.


  1. I went to NYC over a year ago (I should add that’s not the only time I’ve been!) and visited MoMA. Very cool indeed!

    Only went because my sister is an artist but I really enjoyed it too, there’s so much there to see it’s insane!

  2. NYC!! That’s so awesome. Sounds like so much fun. I’ve been there twice both times I was under 18 so I actually don’t remember too much with the exception of the Broadway shows I saw. I’d love to go back someday.

    And the subway gah, I’d probably be way to afraid of getting lost.

  3. NYC is on my list of places to visit one day – no idea when that will ever happen but would love to see a Broadway show when I do visit =)

  4. It sounds like you have been having quite the adventure lately. I agree, subways (in my case buses) can seem scary when you are first starting to take them. But after a while you learn which ones go where and I think it’s a little hard to get lost. But then again I guess it also depends on how well you know the city you are living in. My city isn’t that big. I’m not sure if yours is bigger or not.

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