Meeting Tom Felton

I hadn’t been that nervous since October of last year as I got ready for my first showing of Equus. Thursday night, I went to bed at 11 and tossed and turned until past 2. Five hours of sleep and a fifteen minute nap the next day, I was a total wreck. The adrenaline in my system refused any kind of sustenence other than a cookie here or there.

I arrived at the mall for the exclusive meet and greet with Tom Felton at Hot Topic five hours early. I wasn’t shocked to find that a line had already formed, that wormed its way out to the parking lot. Really, there were only fifty people in front of me (out of a whopping 750) but it felt like millions.

It was almost comforting to know that there are other fanatics out there. It almost made me feel … normal. I loved hearing their Harry Potter discussions or finding out they ship the same pairings as I do. On the other hand, I hated the fact that they knew about Tom just as much as I did.

The wait was surprisingly not as agonizing as I orginially thought it would be. I think it is the fact that nothing will ever get worse than that whole Jonas Brothers at Good Morning America fiasco. It was during the day so I wasn’t as sleep-deprived and we eventually got moved inside. Plus, the fact that I was with my friends and cousin made for some entertaining company.

The actual meet and greet could not have gone any better. We shook hands!He said my name! We had a conversation and I even had a chat with his girlfriend Jade. He was much appreciative of our little goody bag consisting of his favorites: Lush bath bombs, a mixed CD entitled “When Bored on the M25”, a book on Poker because he sucks, milk chocolate, and a card. And he spelled my name right! He was really a nice guy and I’m so happy I got to meet him. Once I get the chance, I’m framing my poster. :)

Needless to say, I can die happy.


  1. I AM SCREAMING WITH UTTER RAGE. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU GOT TO MEET THE SEXY TOM FELTON. So I’m not the only crazy person who found his attractiveness seducing? ;D Freaking awesome autograph. YOU’RE SO LUCKY. I could die happy too if he shook my hand rofl!

  2. :D I still can’t believe we met him. It was so worth the long lines and masses of fangirls. I can die happy now knowing that I met him, talked to him, shook his hand, took his picture, got his autograph and GOT AN @reply on Twitter!!

  3. LMAO. Wow, pretty cool. You saw Equus? Daniel Radcliffe is in that show, right? Eh, you saw him nude :shock: Haha.

    Moving on…
    Cool thing you met Tom Fulton! That’s pretty cool…cool, cool, cool.

  4. Wow. Damn. That is awesome! And 50 in the line instead of 750? That is pretty cool. It seems like the HP fans in your area aren’t to keen on arriving early.

    And you actually had a conversation? I would have thought that with the amount of people there, he would be tight on time. But that is great for you. And the goody bag is an idea that I have never though of before. If I were him, I would be extremely thankful.

    He has cool writing. =)

    And about the music group question thing where one person outshines the rest… I have to say, Spice Girls. Hahahaahawhaha.

  5. I found ur blog by searching sectumsempra (i was very bored) on twitter’s topic section.Anyway i am a big Tom Felton fan myself and I actually remember the tweet he mentioned about the goodie bag you are very thoughtful!

  6. wow congrats on meeting him! 5 hours early? and only 50 people? thats not bad at all. i remember i went to an autograph signing for a band called d’espairsray (japanese rock band) and I guess if i was 5 hours early it wouldn’t have been so bad, but there were at least 100 people in front of me, and it was not fun waiting T_T

    im glad the meet and greet was good ^_^ yes yes frame his autograph ;3

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