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Submissions: OPEN
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My Experience? I have worked with several Big Publishing Companies (the one with the Big Red Dog, the one near Rockefeller, and the one at the Flat Iron Building) and a New York City-based literary agency. I have read hundreds of queries and manuscripts during my two+ years of experience.

Send your work: Email your manuscript to with the following:

  • Query letter
  • Manuscript in .doc/.docx format, double-spaced and paginated please!
  • Young adult only, any genre

Note: Submissions are first come, first served. Everyone gets put on a queue. Once at the top of the queue, estimated return time is 1-2 weeks.

What you’ll receive in return:

  • Notes within the text on grammar, inconsistencies, clarity, etc.
  • A Reader’s Report from an Intern in the Publishing Business – a one page critique of your work including plot, character, setting, voice, pacing, etc.


Pricing is based on manuscript’s length.

  • Under 30,000 words: $50
  • 30,000-39,999: $60
  • 40,000-49,999: $70
  • 50,000-59,999: $80
  • 60,000-69,999: $90
  • 70,000-79,999: $100
  • 80,000-89,999: $110
  • 90,000-99,999: $120
  • 100,000-109,999: $130
  • 110,000-119,999: $140
  • 120,000-129,999: $150
  • 130,000+: $160



Brent and Cialina were a great help with my manuscript. They read and critiqued several of my chapters and helped immensely with editing. Often, as writers, we miss small things (and big things!) that need to be changed, and Brent and Cialina were brilliant at pointing these things out – from typos to plot points nothing was missed. They were always constructive in their advice, and gave me an extra opinion that really helped.

– Lisa


  1. This is really cool! I’ve never seen anything like this available for free and just for us as writers. This is totally awesome. I’ll send soon! :)

    Thanks in advance for your time, patience, and, most of all, help!
    ~Deserae McGlothen

    1. Right now Brent and I are swamped with requests! We would prefer it if you could send your mss one at a time! Once we have gotten back to you, feel free to send another.

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