Lore’s Book Boyfriend: Lucius Vladescu

Lucius Vladescu of Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

My best friend Lore loves Lucius because: “Lucius is dangerous, intelligent, and utterly charming. It is impossible to not fall in love with him.


  1. Oooh dayam. I think I just turned into a puddle on the floor. Gaspard!

    Haven’t read this book yet but its on my TBR ^_^.

  2. Lucius was definitely one of the highlights of this awesome book! i never thought he was that dangerous, just hilarious. I still remember loving the letters he wrote back home :P Awesome pick , and what a fantastic quote.

  3. Sorry to be ignorant, but what book is that from? I LOVE that quote and the picture is hawt! I’d like to read it and see what’s going on there. Thanks for sharing! :)

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