July Muggle-Born Updates

Hey all! If you haven’t noticed, Muggle-Born has another new look. This is the second time this month that I changed my theme, and I hope this one sticks around for a while.

I’ve also decided to add a few more Review Badges:

The Borrow It and Must Buy badges will most likely end up showing up more often than any other badges. Hopefully these will end up being useful to readers who are thinking about buying or just borrowing certain books. :)

Also, my love for romance has been growing recently so I finally decided to show some romance novel appreciation on Muggle-Born. I’m not exactly sure what the demographics are for the blog, but note that these reviews for adult romance novels will definitely be labeled differently than my YA and MG reviews. These reviews will be called Amortentia Reviews (Harry Potter love potion – I couldn’t resist) and will be introduced with the following banner:

I plan on keeping Amortentia Reviews very short and sweet, outlining my thoughts on five basic ingredients: Heroine, Hero, Supporting Cast, Plot, and Romance. There is no regular schedule for these reviews but do keep an eye out for them if you’re interested! :)

I will be away for two weeks starting the 29th, so if I fall off the face of the earth, don’t worry, I should be back before you know it. I’ll have scheduled posts for the time that I am gone, but I will probably not be around as much on Twitter and the general blogosphere.


  1. Amortentia Reviews ^_^ I love it! And I did notice that you’re theme had changed. I wish I knew anything about CSS and design and that I had time to learn.

    My WoW is an art book.

  2. Amortentia Reviews, too cute! And I love your graphic. Cool tags, too!

    And dude, I love this theme! Like it so much better than the green one.

        1. I would definitely look up tutorials for CSS and HTML. Just basic knowledge really helps. Once you have a set foundation, it’s really then where you can design your own themes. Gah, I’m so bad with tips, I’m sorry! It’s a bit hard to think like a newbie after doing it for so long!

        2. I stopped learning after HTML, CSS was just too mind boggling at the time. But I’m thinking of getting back into it.

          Haha it’s okay, any help is good help!

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