Internly Insights: How I Survived A Full Week

I did it!!! Hooray!!! I survived my first week at a full time internship at Big Publishing House. I started Monday as Editorial Intern for two children’s imprints at Publishing House. Of course I was super nervous and jittery to start the new job and because of the fact that I was being thrust into a New Environment – which is totally scary. This is the path to Dream Job so I couldn’t mess up – especially on the first day. Eep.

Anyways, I survived. And the the six or so editors I am working with are fab: super friendly, helpful, and nice. This is my third internship so after the first day, I was pretty much comfortable with my environment. I definitely felt a lot less awkward. Sure, sometimes I still feel like there is this giant arrow pointing at me like, HEY LOOK SHE’S AN INTERN. SHE DOESN’T REALLY BELONG HERE!!! But everyone at the children’s department is full of smiles so I am not that intimidated anymore. :)

I should mention that despite the fact that I’ve been an editorial intern previously, the job is very different from my previous internships:

  • I have my own cubicle!!! — It has my name on it. Squee! I feel like a real Working Girl.
  • I actually have to dress in work clothes. Not so fantastic since I’m not getting paid and I had to get new clothes. Hmph.
  • Awesome perks like free coffee and soda!!
  • And the most obvious: it’s a 9 to 5:45, Monday to Thursday job with half days on Fridays for the summer

But also, the actual job and the tasks I perform are different:

  • Filing copyright information forms — info that will eventually get placed into the copyright pages of books
  • Lots of filing :/ never had to do that before!
  • Sending out book orders for the book closet or author/illustrator copies
  • Attending meetings such as brainstorming sessions or covers meetings (covers meetings are my favorite so far!)
  • Reading – that doesn’t change; but no more slush pile
  • Biggest change: I’m working in licensed and packaged fiction – so books based off cartoons and television shows and some books that were created in house by the editors

I’m not exactly working in my area of expertise, but my previous experiences has helped me a lot so far. My past internships have made me confident in my abilities. This may not be the exact field of children’s publishing that I want to work in, but I am learning a side of the industry that I haven’t been exposed to so far. Some days are more fun than others, but that’s Real Life so there’s nothing I can do about that. :P

Questions? Comments? I’ll address anything you’re wondering about internship-related things all at my next Internly Insights post!

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