Internly Insights #6: Virtual Internships

Alissa asked:

Did you by any chance look into “virtual position” internships? Where I live is close to NYC, but too far to travel there daily (and too expensive to live there). So I’ve been looking into virtual internships, where I can work remotely from home. I was just wondering if you, or anyone you know, has had any experience with those. I’m a tad skeptical and keep seeming to get automated replies in response to my apps.

The internship I have right now is mostly based online – which is fantastic! I read on my own time in between classes or in the mornings from the comfort of my home. I don’t think a lot of places actually offer this kind of internship, and this is the first time that the Agent and Literary Agency has tried this.

Aside from the two other interns that also live in New York City, the other interns I work with do all the work through the Internet. But keep in mind that the work we do works really well for a “virtual” internship. We go through the slush pile which are all sent to an email address. We have a discussion board to keep in contact with each other and also send emails back and forth to keep in touch on a weekly basis. Since I do live in New York, I do have to go to a meeting in Brooklyn every other week just to talk more about the work we do. In that sense, I think the other interns miss out on the opportunity to actually meet the Agent and get to know him in person.

I would advise you to make sure that you are applying to reputable sources. Check their website. Does it look professional? Do you recognize any of their clients? I got my internship through BookJobs and most – if not all – the listings look legitimate. If you seem to keep getting automated responses, I would just tell you to keep trying. Good luck. :)

Nothing new going on with internship. I’m actually about to go to one of those meetings in Brooklyn that I mentioned so maybe I will have something to talk about when I get back from it. I had a reading to do for this week, but I wasn’t given any info about the assignment other than to just read it.

Questions? Comments? I’ll address anything you’re wondering about internship-related things all at my next Internly Insights post!

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