I’m Going to BEA!

Gah, I am in the middle of finals week and even if it means that I will be running all over the East and West sides of Manhattan all day, I am squeezing in a few hours of BEA every day. My finals end at 1:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday which should get me to Javitz at around 2 PM.

I am unfortunately missing a lot of the signings that I was looking forward to, and unfortunately, education comes first. Sigh. Next year!

I’m a total introvert and chances of me coming up to other bloggers are very slim. Help me crack myself out of my shell! If you recognize me, come up and introduce yourself! :) I’d love to meet you and also get my mind off finals!

Here are some recent pictures of me!

I’m really quite short and I will most likely have my hair up just because it’ll look a lot neater that way.

And just for kicks, here’s a picture of me taken over the weekend with a lot of make up. I will definitely not show up to BEA looking like this though it was a lot of fun dressing up!

Other than BEA, I do plan on attending some other events. I will definitely be at the Teen Author Carnival. (I think I deserve a study break!)

Let me know if you want to meet up! :D


  1. Oh my God, I am JEALOUS! But not too much because BEA has always intimdated me. A lot. D;

    Well, hope you pick up lots of books and have a fantastic time :)

  2. Filled up with envy over here. But maybe I’ll see you next year if my plans pan out and you plan to go next year. Also if you have exams next year around the same time try doing what my friend did and see if you can take your exams early :-).

    I hope you have lots of fun! I’m super shy too, I don’t even look people in the eye most of the time so if I went you’d have to look for the person staring at the floor :P

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