I HEART Simon & Schuster Month

To show my love for  S&S and its fantastic children’s imprints, I am dedicating my blog to Simon & Schuster for the whole month of June. My month of May will be dedicated to reading all the fantastic Simon & Schuster titles that I have missed out on so far, and in June I will be posting reviews for all the books I’ve read. I’ll be reading: the Uglies, Lisa McMann’s Wake trilogy, Jeri Smith Ready’s Shade, and so much more!

Other than reviews there will be:

  • Spotlights on the different imprints
  • Giveaways
  • Guest posts
  • Simon & Schuster Read-a-thon – Sign-ups

Keep an eye out for the Simon & Schuster Read-A-Thon Sign Ups in the next week or so!

If you are also interested in dedicating your blog to S&S this June, writing a guest post, hosting a giveaway, or more let me know by filling out this form!

Participants will be entered into a drawing for a $10 e-gift card to Amazon!

Grab the Button Code!
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  1. Great idea! PS your blog layout is lovely and I love the blog name! Kind of wish I was a little more creative with mine now! xD

  2. Perfect timing! I just went a little, erm, overboard with my downloads from S&S’s May Galley Grab email :)

    When is the latest we could let you know about doing a guest post?

    1. If you can write one really quickly, late June is technically the latest. I can probably just squeeze it in somewhere. :)

      1. Great! I really want to have read Wrapped before it comes out at the end of May, so unless I get horribly distracted by another pretty book then I should be good for at least one book review! Thanks so much for the opportunity :)

    1. Nope. I’ve been thinking about emailing about them, but I haven’t gone as far as doing it. Like, I don’t want to email them to seem like hey, I’m hosting an event so you should send me free stuff. You know?

      1. Very true. I was just wondering whether they could help us publicize the event? Like, make it clear we’re not plying them for books.

        1. That’s true! I’ll try to send them an email sometime this week once my papers are out of the way. :D

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