Goodbye Scholastic!

Today marked my last last day of internship at Scholastic. For nearly a year, I have spent almost every week at the headquarters of the Big Red Dog learning what it’s like to be a top editor in the business. I’ve learned so much… about the business and about myself.

This internship has provided me with so many unique opportunities that I would not have learned elsewhere. My mentor has taught me so much about what she does and exposed me to so many stages of publishing a book. I feel so lucky to not have only worked with unsolicited manuscripts for review but also books in production that have already (or will) come out. My internship has pushed me to read more than ever and to pursue a degree towards a career in publishing. I have been exposed to so many different new books, and found so many great new authors that I absolutely love, whose works I will continue to read. Working for Scholastic will be my dream job, and hopefully I will get there someday.

So, without further ado: goodbye Harry Potter statue in the lobby; goodbye Mockingjay countdowns; goodbye free book bins; goodbye Greenhouse over-looking the Manhattan skyline; goodbye authors who send in a manuscript each week to the point that I recognize their names and remember the last manuscript that they just sent; goodbye lovely editor who put up with me for a year. I will really miss this internship. :(

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  1. I think it’s amazing you got to intern at Scholastic! I’m currently majoring in Communications and Marketing. Is there a certain degree you have to get to work in a publishing company?

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