Fuerza Bruta Boys’ Night

My weekend was nothing short from perfect. Saturday could not have gone any better (that’s a lie – if Ryan and his date Nick did not cancel on us, I’m pretty sure I would have three times as much fun. After all, the more the merrier.). It was Fuerza Bruta’s Boys’ Night and I was ready to party!

After a delicious dinner at Big Daddy’s Diner on Park Ave, Kimmy, Moz, and I decided to just walk around Union Square Park since we had at least an hour to kill before Fuerza Bruta started. I never knew how crazy Union Square Park could be at night. Or maybe it’s always like that and I just never noticed before.

The tiny park in the midst of busy intersections were swamped with people – kids mostly my age – sitting around, hanging out, and talking. Instead of wandering around the shops aimlessly, we decided to stay at the park to people watch.

Right before we decided to head over to the other side of the park, I saw a “leaf” flutter across the sidewalk. Just as I tore my eyes away, I saw it fly over a man’s shoe. That’s when I realized that it was a rat. I freaked. A woman walking nearby confirmed my suspicions. It was a rat. The worst part was, the man was oblivious to what just ran over his foot.

While we tried to avoid the strangers that were adamantly giving out “Free Hugs”, we noticed a huge crowd in the middle of the park. “Conga line!” I heard someone shout. The three of us exchanged looks. Where was the music? Apparently, silent raves were not uncommon.

We finally left for the theater at 9:20 to arrive before the big rush came. As we huddled into the large auditorium, Moz didn’t know what to expect. The bass was pumping, red lights were blaring, and the fog was thick. While it was uncomfortable at first being part of the few straight people in the audience (we were sandwiched between gyrating couples), our worries were blown away the moment the show started. In fact, it was almost fun to have all the gay men around us. I was highly entertained how the couple next to me would point at the actor’s butt whenever he bent over. I silently agreed that it was a nice tush. I nearly laughed out loud when I heard a man behind me say in the most flamboyant voice, “I don’t get it” at the end of the first scene. It’s alright, honey. None of us do.

Needless to say, I got soaking wet at the end of the show. I was literally wringing out water from my dress and vest. Why? Well, head down to see New York City’s Off-Broadway production of Fuerza Bruta and you’ll find out. I don’t want to spoil it.

To top it off, my parents drove us to Kyotofu in Hell’s Kitchen after the show for some unique dessert. While I love their gelato, I was not a fan of the tofu strawberry shortcake. Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

We polished the rest of the night and early morning with a sleepover and 50 First Dates. It’s Monday, and I still haven’t caught up with my sleep!

Today, Kimmy made a great point. If I like a show a lot, I will go out of my way to see it more than once. It’s true. First Equus, now Fuerza Bruta. I’m in trouble…


  1. wow! sounds like a great weekend and an awesome show. :]

    i love how your website is set up here, it’s kind of like what i want to do when my domain expires!

  2. Sorry for not replying earlier than you accepetd, but I have added you to my advertising list. :) please add me when you can. :D

  3. OMH thats SO scary! the rat i mean EWWWW X_X poor man! at least it didnt take a big poop on his shoe X_X!

    ahh seems like yo u had lots of fun! where is that show? i went to the city yesterday and i wanna do something fun and watch some show! but i am a hghschool student with no jobbb Blahh X_X

  4. Thanks and haha wow you have quite a site as well. Your blog’s blue paper background thing is just absurdly cool, haha.

  5. lol! how did he not feel a rat?! thats gross hehe.

    thats called “the gay accent” hehe. i swear gay men everywhere can not have voices like that lol. gay guys are so funny too ^_^

  6. Wooh haha. Sounds like you had an amazing night, and that comment the guy behind you said literally made me squirt water out of my mouth xD

    Oh, and do you want to be affies? :3

  7. aww thanks! I feel much better today (:

    Exactly! I just love the thought that I can work on my site for like the whole day, but I end up feeling so crappy that I cant bare to go on the computer

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