Follow My Lead by Kate Noble: Romance Book Review

Follow My Lead by Kate NobleFOLLOW MY LEAD by Kate Noble Book Review
Series: The Blue Raven, #3
Publication Date: May 3rd 2011 by Berkley

Summary: Being the most sought-after bachelor in London can be trying. Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne, should know. But when he winds up an unwilling escort to the headstrong Winnifred Crane on a trip across Europe, he realizes he’ll do anything to keep this independent beauty safe-even if it means marrying her.

Heroine: Winn Crane is a delightful character to read about. Finally, an educated heroine who strives for academic merit for her achievements. I love Winn’s determination to prove herself in the masculine academic world. I love her perserverance to follow her task throughout the Continent no matter how hopeless it seems. I’m not much of an art critic so my understanding is limited – but Winn sounds convincing in her arguments.

Hero: Jason, Duke of Rayne, is one of the most likeable heroes that I’ve recently read. I love that he isn’t a Brooding Hero; it was refreshing for once to read a romance novel where the hero isn’t constantly feeling sorry for himself.

Supporting Cast: Finally, a villain who is actually villainous: George Bambridge is the only person who doesn’t want Winn to succeed. In fact, he’s doing everything in his power to see that she fails to prove that she is C.W. Marks. Some of his actions come across as over the top, but I love how he has a really evil motive to back up his actions.

Plot: Believe it or not, there were some times in which I was more immersed into the plot than I was in the romance. What I really love about FOLLOW MY LEAD by Kate Noble was the fact that the novel revolved around an actual plot. The conflict in the story wasn’t centered around romance with subplots that concerned the main characters. FOLLOW MY LEAD by Kate Noble deviates from the usual cookie-cutter romance formulas which makes for a more exciting read.

Romance: Admittedly, the romance in FOLLOW MY LEAD by Kate Noble is a very slow build-up. But just when I was about to lose my impatience with the lack of sexy times, Kate Noble delivers. Sexy times weren’t extremely blush-worthy, but I felt completely satisfied in the romance department. Winn and Jason won’t win the cutest couple award from me any time soon, but I really appreciate the time that Noble took to develop their relationship. It made for a much more plausible relationship that made the ending even sweeter.

Love Potion Strength:

Exceeds Expectations

Follow My Lead by Kate Noble is a great introduction to this author’s books. I look forward to reading more of her work.

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