Father’s Day

So yesterday was the first year that my family actually celebrated Father’s Day. For the last couple of years, my dad ran a tennis tournament around the same time as Father’s Day so he was always working. Fortunately, the tournament ended a week earlier this year.

I didn’t expect to wake up at half past eight on this Sunday morning, but I did. Only I would have a dream about being at a grocery store and drooling over the cookies at the bakery section. I wanted those cookies so much that I woke myself up and instantly wanted to bake. I looked up a recipe for chocolate chip cookies (which I surprisingly have never baked before) before waking up my brother to cook breakfast.

That’s how I spent my Sunday morning: more than three hours in the kitchen cooking breakfast and baking. Cooking with Jaymes is just plain annoying. He works so slow… and inefficient. I can’t stand it. I’d rather cook by myself. But at least breakfast turned out pretty well.

At around three, we went in to New York City for an early dinner. I was craving Thai all week but we ended up going to Hallo Berlin, a German restaurant. I had my weiner schnitzel. I don’t think it was as good as the one I always have in Myrtle Beach, but it was good enough to satisfy my craving.

Then, we headed over to Lexington Avenue after dinner to see the street fair. It’s nothing special but it was nice to walk around for a while – even if the weather has been and continues to be crap. For the last three weeks or so, it’s been cloudy and rainy. It’s never ending and we’re all sick of it. Needless to say, it started pouring on us. I find that I really did not mind walking in the rain. I just hate it when I’m trying to cross the road and water splashes all over me from a passing car or truck.

In terms of website updates, I finally added new stocks and fonts and a few graphics to my portfolio. I’ve been thinking about adding a premade layouts section but I don’t know if I can be bothered with that yet. I’ve finally put up my fanlisting collection! Please visit… I know I can’t stop doing so: http://love.sectumempra.org


  1. Ooh, you were on Lexington Avenue. Urgh, something I’m on EVERY SINGLE DAY :( It sucks that I have to walk there for the train all the damn time. :P Anywho, Ive never ate @ that restaurant… weird, right? I live in NYC and you know more places than me!

  2. SECTUMSEMPRA! Coolest site name ever I think! :mrgreen:
    I love your blog layout, it’s really imaginative.

    Yeah that sounds like me, only doing it if it bothers me… Only recently it is always bothering me! Haha.

    Oh, do you use WordPress? I thought about converting to WP but I can’t figure it out haha :)

  3. Interesting dream. It actually made you crave for it in real life. One of my more weirder dreams that I had recently had this past week is my sister giving out dishwashers as wedding favours. Haha. Just seeing the look on her face when I said that was priceless.

    Walking down a street where shops, resurants, cafes, etc are located is amazing. The atmosphere is really laid back and relaxing. I wouldn’t mind ever living on a street like that. It would be great. You would never need a car to go anywhere when you have everything at the tips of your fingers.

  4. LOL, true, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. Have you ate at Pio Pio before? Yummy their chicken is rather delicious :) But the place is so cramped :/

  5. aww thats so sweet! I’m glad you got to spend your fathers day with your dad ^_^
    man, i wish I had dreams like that! all my dreams lately have been nightmares T-T

    YES I KNOW! its been so rainy and cloudy X__X!!! tomorrow is supposed to feel like summer though! 85degrees and sunny! XD

    we should be affiliating fanlisting collectives :B tehehe even though I haven’t done anything to it in virtually a year lol

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