Fast Forward

Fast Forward

It’s a terrible excuse and awfully cliche, but yes, I have been busy. It really is a terrible excuse because the most interesting and best blogs (in my opinion, of course) are those written when one is just having a great couple of weeks. And I have. I’ve done so much exciting things but I haven’t had the chance to record them. Bummer on my part because I solely blog so I can look back years from now and remember all the fun things I’ve done.

On the 26th of September, I took my cousin and my brother out to New York City to see a Broadway show. We went to the TKTS discount booth to score some great seats at a relatively low price. While I wanted to see Billy Elliot, I knew that it was impossible to get those tickets after they won 10 Tony’s. I settled for Hair, a musical about the 1960’s. A hippie musical. How predictable. We managed to get fourth row seats, which were phenomenal. Being a hippie in my past life, I enjoyed the show immensely. We got to meet the cast by hanging around the stage door after the show and got a lot of autographs! My little cousin definitely enjoyed the outing which made a great birthday celebration!

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated mine this past Friday. I didn’t want to make this birthday a big deal, but I was eventually pushed to have a small party at home. We plastered the walls and floors in the basement with red plastic table cloths completely and draped orange accents around the ceiling. The theme was Morroccan and it’s safe to say that it was very effective, complete with the plush over-sized throw pillows. It was a complete transformation and I was shocked that we were able to pull it off. Even my own family could not recognize the place! I wish I could show you all a picture, but I was so distracted and overwhelmed that night that pictures never even crossed my mind.

To sort of go with the theme, we hired a tarot card reader that all my friends enjoyed immensely. It was funny to hear some of the suggestions that would help some of the bumps in my friends’ lives. Like tying a bracelet around one’s ankle… I currently have a small pouch of dried spices and herbs that will supposedly help me out with the future troubles that await me.

I’m still super busy, but I do manage to update the site every now and then – even though I’m not blogging. I’ve added a bunch of new scans to the site and even a WordPress theme! I also constantly update my fanlisting collective. It might not seem like it, but I’m still very much active internet-wise.

Hope to update again soon!


  1. THANK YOU!!

    Oh yeah I feel so sorry for her :( Dunno what will happen to her yet but I hope she’ll do good. The last episode I saw was her wedding (:
    That’s why I didn’t saw Grey’s Anatomy and Private practice in a period.. I just couldn’t find the time and there was so many other things to do.. Atm there’s the new season of CSI (my favorite show) but I’m taping that one or I’ll just wait untill it comes out on dvd (I’m going to buy it anyway).

    Love the layout! And the font is still looking good :D

  2. It happens! I hate to say it too but I’m totally guilty of being too busy to blog.

    Wow that’s so exciting that you got to meet the cast. I’ve never thought to do that.

    Happy belated birthday. I hope the charm anklet guides you well.

  3. Hey! Happy belated birthday to you! (: sounds like you had a really fun celebration. My parties don’t usually have a theme so they are quite boring compared to yours… and a tarot card reader! how cool is that? I wonder if that pouch of dried spices and herbs will really help you out…

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