I’m back from the wilderness! … And I have much to tell. But not so much on the camping trip. It’s really the same old story.
I’d like to take this time for some fangirl squeeing. If you already aren’t aware from the domain, I am a MASSIVE Harry Potter fanatic. With the premiere of the Half-Blood Prince a little over two weeks away, I am going absolutely crazy.

First things first: I finally got around to making my Deathly Hallows necklace. Sunny and I have been beggging our engineering friends to make the necklace for us, but as the school year was winding down, and they were not getting it done, we took matters into our own hands and designed them ourselves. I’m pretty happy with the outcome – even if it is an obnoxious red color. I have been meaning to get a silver sharpie to color it in but since I was away, I haven’t gotten the chance.

See the necklace via TwitPic! – It’s currently attached on another necklace. Like the silver sharpie, I also need a chain for the necklace. Created on Autodesk Inventor and then printed on a 3D Printer. It’s plastic.

On another note, I was an absolute wreck on Friday. The moment I woke up, I turned on the computer and read my LiveJournal feed. Through an RSS feed from the Leaky Cauldron, I found out that Tom Felton a.k.a. Draco Malfoy was going to be at the local Hot Topic store the day after the HBP New York City premiere. The first 750 customers to buy a limited edition t-shirt would get a wristband to an exclusive signing event. I freaked out and started calling everyone I knew. I didn’t have a ride. And I was absolutely hysterical. I had to get a shirt. I HAD TO MEET TOM FELTON. I didn’t want anything as much as I wanted that wristband for as long as I could remember. I was practically crying for a whole hour and I pretty much freaked out my five year old sister.The mall was two towns over from where I lived but it would have taken me hours to walk there. The nearest bus stop was twelve blocks away and I was so desperate, I started walking. Luckily, my grandfather called me back and offered to take me four blocks into my walk. Savior of the day.

The whole time during the car ride, I was silently praying that it wouldn’t be sold out. The store had just opened two hours ago but I was not underestimating fellow Harry Potter fans. I practically ran out of the car and into the store the moment the car stopped. Much to my relief, Harry Potter fans in my area covet their sleep. There were a lot of t-shirts left and I had nothing to be worried about.

So on July 10th, watch out Tom Felton. I am going to meet you and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I worked hard for that wrist band!!!

In other news…. I read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins while camping, as insisted by my Scholastic mentor and I was not disappointed. I read it in two days. It was amazing and I cannot wait for the next book. I really hope I get to work with the author while I am at Scholastic! If you’re into the Young Adult genre, it’s a must-read.

Remember my new fanlisting collective? Well, I won a domain from Kya and it’s now at: — another Harry Potter domain. That makes… three HP domains of the ones that I own.


  1. Haha, I can’t believe you freaked out because of that lousy, lousy boy! Ha, I’m kidding… I didn’t know who he was till I googled him… so he’s that enemy that Harry Potter has. Hm. Wow, three HP domains? Man, ARE you obsessed. Haha! :D How long is that Hunger Games book? I need a good book to read and I like adult books (no not sexually related) – I mean big, fat, thumpy books! AKA, big like Twilight’s Breaking Dawn. Or Harry Potter’s biggest book. ;)

  2. Wow that is crazy. You actually had a chance to get it. Damn. Wow. 750 t-shirts too? Wow. I would have suspected that the shop would have been raided by then.

    But thanks to your grandfather for saving the day!

    And rain all the time where you live? Damn, how do you live with the constant down pour? I hope that it has stopped for you. I usually only get light drizzles with very rare thunderstorms.

  3. lmborotf!!!!! i love your story hehehe. its amazing. haha about you walking. thats some major dedication hehe. im nervous for tommy boy. but yay to hp!!!!

  4. olallaa nice ;3 youre a true fan! tehehhe (and i like the shirt youre wearing in the picture!)
    lol awww! but im glad there were t-shirts left! i assume youre excited about july 10th ;]

    tehehe yay we’re fanlisting collective affiliates ;3 linked you up woot!

  5. Ooh, I love Tom Felton! XD It’s so awesome that you’ll get to meet him! Can’t wait to hear about it! I need to check out Hot Topic’s website and see if he’s coming anywhere near me.. hmm..

    And yay for fanlisting collectives! :)

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