Early Buzz: The Traitor in the Tunnel by YS Lee

Series: The Agency, #3
Publication Date: February 28th 2012 by Candlewick Press
Rating: |

Summary: Get steeped in suspense, romance, and high Victorian intrigue as Mary goes undercover at Buckingham Palace – and learns a startling secret at the Tower of London.

Queen Victoria has a little problem: there’s a petty thief at work in Buckingham Palace. Charged with discretion, the Agency puts quickwitted Mary Quinn on the case, where she must pose as a domestic while fending off the attentions of a feckless Prince of Wales. But when the prince witnesses the murder of one of his friends in an opium den, the potential for scandal looms large. And Mary faces an even more unsettling possibility: the accused killer, a Chinese sailor imprisoned in the Tower of London, shares a name with her long-lost father. Meanwhile, engineer James Easton, Mary’s onetime paramour, is at work shoring up the sewers beneath the palace, where an unexpected tunnel seems to be very much in use. Can Mary and James trust each other (and put their simmering feelings aside) long enough to solve the mystery and protect the Royal Family? Hoist on your waders for Mary’s most personal case yet, where the stakes couldn’t be higher – and she has everything to lose.

Five Epic Reasons You Need to Read This Book:

  1. Need a solid historical YA romance? Look no further. Lots and lots of witty banter, hot chemistry, and unresolved sexual tension between James and Mary. For those worried, this book would probably be PG-13 at most. No sex, lots of good kissing.
  2. Lee dives deeper into Mary’s background. More secrets about her past will be unveiled.
  3. I read it in two sittings. I only stopped the first time since I had to sleep. This one is a page-turner – beware!
  4. It will keep you guessing. When I’m reading a mystery, it’s always fun to try and guess who the culprit is. The game is not so fun when it turns out I’m right. It doesn’t happen here. The mystery baffled me and my jaw hung when I got to the end.
  5. The Queen of England makes a cameo! Yes, Queen Victoria! She plays an epic role in THE TRAITOR IN THE TUNNEL and you don’t want to miss it.

This is one hype-worthy book that you don’t want to miss out on. If you haven’t started this series already, you better do so!

Full review and author interview to come in February 2012!


  1. Ahhhhh, thank you for increasing my excitement for this by a MILLION. I actually just sent in an ARC request last weekish so hopefully I’ll get my hands on it soon. I can’t wait to gush over this series again! Mary! James! Mary and James!

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