Digging Through the Stacks: March 18th to March 24th

What’s Digging Through the Stacks? This is just some of the highlights I’ve encountered while digging through my Google reader feed, YouTube, Goodreads, and Twitter. These are posts by other fellow bloggers (mostly) that you should probably check out.

Reviews Worth Reading

Convincing, entertaining, well-written or all of the above, these reviews are worth your time.

A mystery set in historic New York City? I’m sold. Bri Meets Books writes a convincing review of The Girl is Murder by Kathryn Haines.

This is how much I want to read Code Name Verity. Another gushy review – this time from one of my favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater.

Bites lists some of the books she can unread. Full of negativity, but so much fun. One of the books she features is Wither and puts into words exactly what I did not like about the book in ways I could not have expressed myself.


Read All About It: Articles & Discussion

Helpful tips and tricks & interesting bookish debates, articles, and discussion on the blogosphere.

I don’t usually post about blog events but I really enjoyed Fairy Tale Fortnight last year and I’m really happy to hear that Misty at the Book Rat is co-hosting it once again!

I love reading about Julie’s thoughts on Reading in Public. I claim not to be ashamed of reading YA books or romance genres, but sometimes, I hate being seen carrying around a really girly book. Especially romances with steamy covers.


Added on GoodReads

What caught my eye on GoodReads and was added to the pile. After all the award buzz about this book, I just have to pick it up! … Eventually.

Horten's Miraculous MechanismsHORTEN’S MIRACULOUS MECHANISMS by Lissa Evans

Enter a wonderful world filled with real magic, mystery … and danger.
As if being small for his age and also having S. Horten as his name isn’t bad enough, now 10-year-old Stuart is forced to move far away from all his friends. But on his very first day in his new home, Stuart’s swept up in an extraordinary adventure: the quest to find his great-uncle Tony–a famous magician who literally disappeared off the face of the earth–and Tony’s marvelous, long-lost workshop.  Along the way, Stuart reluctantly accepts help from the annoying triplets next door… and encounters trouble from another magician who’s also desperate to get hold of Tony’s treasures.
A quirky, smart, charming page-turner, Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms will enchant young readers–as well as teachers, librarians, and parents.

I’m a sucker for a good title. I saw Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms in one of the too many emails I get from Barnes & Noble. The cover and title drew me in. I always say that I would love to read more middle grade… this seems like a cute book!

Terrific Trailers

This trailer convinced me to add the book to my TBR pile!

This is the trailer for THE CALLING, the second book in the Darkness Rising series by Kelley Armstrong. The trailer makes me want to pick up the series!


  1. I’ve never heard of Code Name Vertiy before and then I read Maggie’s review (thanks for mentioning it by the way) and of course was very interested, looked up the cover and remembered seeing it on NetGalley today. I’ll have to see if I can get!

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