Digging Through the Stacks: February 4th – February 11th

Hey, what’s this? A new feature? Yep. This is just some of the highlights I’ve encountered while digging through my Google reader feed, YouTube, Goodreads, and Twitter.

Reviews Worth Reading

Convincing, entertaining, well-written or all of the above, these reviews are worth your time.

Oh my gosh, the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead is turning me into a zombie state of mind. So when I read this review of Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night over at Bites, I quickly added it to my shelf.

After reading this review at the Book Smugglers, all I can think is: WOW, I need Code Name Verity right *now*. I was already planning on reading it, but it looks like I need to bump it up the TBR.

Cute, fluffy romance set in Ireland? Check: There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones


Read All About It: Articles & Discussion

Helpful tips and tricks & interesting bookish debates, articles, and discussion on the blogosphere.

Audacious Reader reminds bloggers about Comment Etiquette.

Harmony talks about the Five Stages of Reading (A Great Book) + GIFs!

Erin Bowman made some pretty cute “Go away, I’m Reading” dust jackets! Take a break from your book and do a little arts & crafts.


Added on GoodReads

What caught my eye on GoodReads and was added to the pile. After all the award buzz about this book, I just have to pick it up! … Eventually.

PopularPopular by Alissa Grosso

Meet the clique that rules Fidelity High: Olivia, Zelda, Nordica, and Shelly, each one handpicked by über-popular Hamilton Best. You know you’re “in” when you make the guest list for one of Hamilton’s parties. And in the thralls of senior year, everyone wants to get noticed by Hamilton.

But Hamilton’s elite entourage is coming apart at the seams. Olivia fantasizes about finally having a boyfriend, Zelda dreams of ditching high school, Nordica wants to be alone with her photography, and Shelly’s plotting to dethrone Hamilton. Lies and secrets are ripping away the careful ties that have kept them together for years. But Hamilton has the biggest secret of all, one that only her boyfriend Alex knows. If the truth got out, it would shock everyone and destroy Hamilton’s fragile world—and she’ll do anything to protect her secret and keep her clique together.

Terrific Trailers

This trailer convinced me to add the book to my TBR pile!


  1. Thanks for the link! I think Digging Through the Stacks is a great feature. Do you get the links for blogs you follow? I’m thinking of doing something similar, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time.

    1. Thanks. :) I basically link up reviews and posts based on the blogs that I’ve followed, read, and liked. Sometimes, I find links through Twitter. It *is* very time consuming, but it motivates me to read more book reviews from other bloggers!

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