Cupcake Marathon

Two different kinds of batter + Three different kinds of frosting + 1 mixing bowl + 2 muffin trays + 1 handheld electric mixer = A terrible disaster with tasty results

Why 4 hours of being in the kitchen + back pains was all worth the hassle…

It’s official. I have a new favourite cupcake. I never used to think that red velvet cupcakes were such a big deal – that is I made my own batch.

The ingredients used for the cupcakes is quite disgusting. White distilled vinegar? TWO tablespoons of red food colouring? It’s obviously not a healthy snack. I don’t think it even comes close. Don’t even make me mention what’s in the frosting.

I screamed, I yelled, and I probably raised my blood pressure a couple of notches but it was worth it. The Vanilla Magnolia cupcakes have seen better days, but the red velvet cupcakes are divine. If we weren’t having guests over, I would eat them all up myself.

All this baking makes me think: when on earth did I become those stereotypical girls who likes to wear dresses and bake all day? I’m turning into Barbie!


  1. I love cupcakes, this is so funny that i have to comment on your site when you have cupcakes up!! haha i had a lengthy conversation yesterday about them, we have a great bakery with the best cupcakes.

    visiting you makes me want to go eat them all. or make my own.

  2. Haha, I love baking! I used to always bake. I got really good at making chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loved them. xD And then I got busy/lazy and stopped. I was supposed to try out this awesome cupcake recipe that I got from a friend, but about a year later, I’ve still not done anything about it, haha.

    Those cupcakes look delicious though! I’ll definitely have to get back to baking again one day. :)

  3. Wow, they look fantastic!
    I would never have thought red velvet cupcakes or cake to be much good, it all looks too artificial.

    Amazing layout by the way! I especially love the cursive :razz:

  4. I love making cupcakes! I do it all the time.. I love making pretty designs on them.. And red velvet is my all time favorite.. I know the ingredients are not always fun but they taste so good.. I don’t believe I have vinegar in my recipe though.

  5. I’ve got to say, this is the first time I’ve seen someone hand-write an entire entry, and in cursive at that. Very nice! Red velvet cake is delicious. I’ve never had that kind of cupcake but I bet the cupcakes taste great too like you’ve mentioned. It can’t be much of a disaster if it tastes great. Your pictures look so yummy! Now I’m craving cupcakes and all I have to eat are left-overs from three days of eating out.

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