Cover Re-Create: Entwined by Heather Dixon

This is my first time participating in IceyBooks’s Four Weeks of Fame Challenge. When I saw that the current challenge is for Heather Dixon’s Entwined, I couldn’t resist. I still have not read this book, unfortunately, but I was captivated instantly from the cover. Plus, I love fairy tale retellings!

Original Cover:

My Cover:

Inspiration: It’s honestly really hard to top the original cover, which is already enchanting. For my cover, I wanted to picture a girl (more like a princess) dancing in a field. I wanted my cover also to be bright and colorful to give it more of a fairy tale-like feel. I also wanted to put a quote from a fellow blogger onto my cover and ended up choosing Yearning to Read‘s.

Credits: Photo


    1. I don’t even have a copy of it yet so it will also be a while for me to get to it.. :P Eventually!

  1. Very pretty ^_^. I love the purple!

    Tuesdays are actually the day I had set out to post recreate-a-cover posts but I of course can’t manage my time and have only done one post so far :P

    Also now that I know you read manga. Want to enter my manga giveaway?


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