Cover Comparisons: Boy Meets Boy and Maybe, Maybe Not

Okay, I just had to write a blog post on this, especially because it concerns one of my favorite authors ever. I was making my usual rounds of browsing through GoodReads giveaway when I stumbled upon the cover of Maybe, Maybe Not. That bright shade of blue… The candy hearts… The placement of the text of the author’s name…

It looked a lot like the cover of Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan.

The problem of copying the concept of the cover like Boy Meets Boy is the fact that, personally, I think it is a classic. The book’s been around for a while. Levithan is a popular author and this is one of his most – if not the most – popular books that he has written. The combination of the blue background, candy hearts, and yellow text just reminds me of Boy Meets Boy. The hearts on Maybe, Maybe Not have a different arrangement, but the overall design of the cover is just too similar.

… And don’t get me started on the horrible Photoshop of Maybe, Maybe Not.


  1. Oy, well I haven’t seen/read the original, but damn that photoshopping is not good. I wonder if the MMN is a selfpub? I don’t think a ~serious~ publisher would make such a booboo (but I could be wrong)

  2. Wow. Yeah, that is WAY too similar. I want to give the second one the benefit of the doubt and say maybe they didn’t know about the other book, but when every single element matches, it’s hard to say it was an honest mistake. =/

  3. I noticed the similarity months ago, before a lot of bloggers started getting riled up over it. Honestly, they are super similar. But being that I’ve read Maybe, Maybe Not, I can’t really hate on it. I really enjoyed the inside of the book too much to get mad over the outside. *Shrugs* It’s no different than covers using the same exact picture with only photoshopped differences. It happens.

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