College Life

Yeah, so it looks like I haven’t posted any reviews this week, but I have, I swear. I just can’t post them at the moment since I read galleys this week. I’ve scheduled all of them to post within a month of their release date so there’s nothing new up on the blog for now.

Currently, I am supposed to be getting started on all my readings for the week, but I thought I should stop by and blog. Give an update of sorts. I am only taking four classes this semester but the work is piling up already! I seem to be able to manage it at the moment, but it’s tough trying to juggle studying and reading for class with meeting new people, keeping in touch with friends, and of course reading for fun. I think I am able to make it work for now, which is great. I’ve met some really cool people, and it’s weird to think that I’ve only known them for two weeks. It feels like I’ve known them for a really long time.

My classes are all great at the moment, but I find that I am really enjoying my history class. At first it seemed really off-topic that we are suddenly focusing on children’s literature in the 19th century after discussing the Wild West in the previous week, but now I really don’t care since the subject is just so fascinating. I never would have given a thought as to why or how children’s literature could have progressed over a century. Reading about it makes me think that we have come such a long way, but I still see a lot of similarities from the literature back then to present-day literature. For anyone interested, the excerpt I am reading from is called “Splinterings: Fables for Boys” in The Work Ethic in Industrial America by Daniel T. Rodgers. Fascinating chapter, really.

So back to homework, I guess. The quicker I finish, the quicker I can go back to reading THE BODY FINDER, which I am really enjoying, and also get back to hanging out with people on my floor.


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