Close But Not Quite

Close but not quite

I have a new failsafe outfit: my white Alexander Wang tee, a vest or a cardigan, my dark washed jeans, one of my two leather belts, and any accessories that match the vest or cardigan that I threw on.

I got ready in five – okay, maybe ten – minutes max on Saturday afternoon when a pair of New York¬† Fashion Week tickets came in the mail. To make a long story short, a family friend from California couldn’t make it and they sent us the tickets. Due to the terrible and slow postal service (and probably our luck combined), we received the tickets only the day of, without knowing what time our show would even be. We got the tickets half an hour before our show started. We were no where near ready, but we tried to make it anyways.

By the time we got to New York, our show was completely over. The menacing security guards confirmed what we already knew. We missed it by an hour. Defeated, we stood in the rain for a few minutes and found out that the current show that was on in the Tents was Christian Siriano. Our tickets were only for the Academy of Art University show but even if I got to go, I wouldn’t complain. A ticket to New York Fashion Week was already hard enough to come by.

I just hope I get another opportunity in my lifetime and actually get a chance to see a show.

Overall, I guess I wasn’t completely disappointed that I didn’t get to go. We weren’t really¬† sure if we were going to get the tickets in the mail at all. All along, it was only a possibility that we were going to get there.

My sister and I did make the trip to NY worth it. We headed over to Union Square to catch dinner at Big Daddy’s Diner and then headed over to Fuerza Bruta for $20 a ticket. It was such a great deal that I couldn’t resist. I’ve now seen Fuerza Bruta three times and counting.

On a side note, I’ve added a new layout earlier this week. I really like having a simple layout in contrast my blog. I think having a big layout just makes everything look more cluttered.

In addition, I’ve started my internship at Scholastic this week! I had been meaning to blog about my experience but school work just drains me. As soon as I get home, all I want to do is pass out! I’ll write about my second week as an intern on Wednesday. Hopefully.


  1. ughhh slow postal services! that really sucks that you missed the show :/ i’d probably be real pissed off but im glad you guys made the trip worthwhile!
    oooo internship ! good luck on that !

  2. awww im sorry to hear about what happened ): no worries though, its not that big of a deal xD

    cute layout and i hope you have fun and gain great experience in your internshio :3

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