Catching Up

Sorry for the complete lack of blogging. There just hasn’t been much to say. Right now, I’m actually trying to catch up with all the upcoming deadlines at school (which is no fun at all….) and getting a lot of writing out of the way.

My parents came back home this morning at around seven thirty. It’s nearly noon and I’m  the only one who’s awake in the whole house.  It’s nice that it’s really quiet but kind of eerie at the same time. I maganed to get a lot of reading finished without all these distractions. I give them another half an hour before they get up  from their slumber.

I’ve been internet shopping a lot lately. I have been visiting
eBay on a daily basis, checking out bargains for Frye boots and
skinny jeans — two essentials that I can’t live without. I have also
been wanting a new bathing suit. We’re going away for Memorial
Weekend and I can’t risk a wardrobe malfunction. I finally bought
my Sigg water bottle since I’m so eco-conscious. I’m excited to use
it! Then I bought Fuerza Bruta tickets for the 30th…

I spent too much money this week…. Oh well. Time to find a summer job.

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