Busy Week + Wasted Friday

I’ve been meaning to blog for a couple of days now, but a lot has gotten in the way. This past week, I began volunteering for a program at school called the Global Ambassadors Program. Basically, a group of 26 students from Seoul, South Korea are participating in a three-week program to learn English and more about the United States. My tasks mainly consists of helping out in anyway the teachers might need me which can range from homework help to putting together activities for the class. Most of the time, I’m just sitting in and listening to the lectures but I still manage to have fun.

So I’m out for nearly nine hours a day from 8 to 5 from Monday to Friday. I’m getting a lot of volunteer hours for this but I’m enjoying myself at the same time. I’ve met a lot of new people and despite the tiny language barrier, I’ve learned a lot about them already.

I was going to blog about the Ambassadors program on Thursday afternoon after I got home, but my parents spontaneously moved our camping trip from Friday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. So instead of relaxing after a long week, I ended up packing for the long weekend.

Unfortunately, all my hard work went to waste. We were already in upstate New York the next morning when we got a phone call that our campgrounds had to be evacuated. As anyone living around the New York City area would know, the rain has been endless. The little breaks of sunshine we have here and there is only an invitation for even more thunderstorms. The river by the campgrounds started to flood and they had to close. We tried getting another place near Woodstock but it wasn’t to our liking. Every other motel, campground, hotel, etc was booked for the weekend. It was around six in the evening when we decided to turn back around and go home. It was a disaster.

It really was a waste of my Friday. But I’m glad that I got to have a great night’s sleep in my own bed. My parents want to try again next weekend, weather permitting.


  1. Hhehe, im not a fan of the offical ones. Not enough green xD
    Wow thats awesome. I love Dragons =D I like rings, so i wear my serpant ring a lot. Slytherins ftw =D
    That sucks about the weather and the camping thing (but good you got to sleep in your own bed) I personally hate camping, last time i went was with my school, but i was good as i had gas hair straighteners, and all the other popular girls wanted to use them, and i would let them. It was hilarious. =D

  2. Whoa. That’s a cool way of blogging!

    Wow I love your layout! The one at the home of your site and this one!


    Tom Felton has an album?!?!?!

  3. What a hectic week! I would have been so frustrated with the weather when it came to camping. Good thing it wasn’t sunny only to start raining endlessly when you set up camp. (:

  4. omg I love your blog layout. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    I don’t think Aldo has a catalog. I just started working there recently actually lol.

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