Someone please remind me next time, that even if it feels like 60 degrees outside, I should probably still apply some kind of sun protection. Needless to say, after braving sixty-something degree weather (with wind chill, mind you) in a bikini, I managed to get terrible sunburn on my shoulders. I now wear a single bra strap because it hurts too much to wear one on my right side. Just marvelous!

On the bright side, despite getting burned, I did get a tan! I don’t have the deathly pallor that comes with the harsh winter climate of New Jersey. I actually have a healthy glow that doesn’t look like I spend all day at school and directly go home every night.

My long weekend was spectacular. I couldn’t have asked for more. I feel refreshed and ready to brave the month left of school. On the extremely brighter side of things, I am super excited for another round of FuerzaBruta Boy’s Night this Saturday! I’m ready to party it up more than ever… because I can really only get loose when its dark and wet.


  1. I got a LG ks360. Its amazing for texting (which is what it was designed mainly for) but it wont accept any vidoes, and it holds 3 songs even with my memory card in it. Atleast i can have more than 4 photos now :oops: Yeah ahaha, its a good excuse, its better to have your music seperate to your phone anyway. ;D
    I love your site, its realy cool :] :smile:

  2. thank-you for the comment :) But I have to say your web-site puts my web-site to shame. Seriously your site is bursting with creativity. I am so jealous :( But anyway I love everything about your site, will be adding it to my favourites :)

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