Broadway Obsession

I got a new layout up! I definitely did not expect to keep the last one for a short period of time but I got sick of it too quickly. I am much happier with how this one turned out. Still features Boyd Holbrook as always – the man whose babies I want to carry.

Anyways, in terms of site updates, I have been adding scans periodically so check up on those every couple of days (I tried to scan everything in my printer but my short attention span led me to do a half job. My scanner is still overflowing). I also put up a portfolio which can be found in the About section.

I just finished watching the 2009 Tony Awards instead of studying for history. Seriously, Dan and Equus turned me into a Broadway addict. I find it funny especially because Equus wasnt even a musical. Now I am starting to compile a list of all the Broadway shows I just have to watch: Billy Elliot and Hair are the top two currently.

I felt like such a perve watching the Tonys. When the Billy Elliot actors won for Best Actor in a Musical, I had to restrain myself. Though that kid Kiril Kulish is adorable, remember that he is only fourteen years old and barely hit puberty AKA same age as your brother.

The Hair performance was so fun to watch, which is why they make it on my list. They were so lively and energetic and  I am pretty sure that the show will be just as fun to watch as the actors and actresses were having!

I’ll be watching broadway this summer…. :)


  1. Wow, I’m amazed by your site! I’m glad you find my blog amusing… you made my day :) This is really awesome. Haha, I actually read it off the scrap of paper… This is really like, awesome. Do you love in New York City? Since you’re talkinga bout Broadway!

  2. ooo nice layout! *o* what a good looking guy ;] love the color schemee!

    YES i wanna go watch broadway shows too! T_T they are so close but so far away…because I can’t afford them LOL //sigh!!! I heard HAIR was good, yes, and Wicked and The lion King ;o

    and YES it has been raining like crazy here! over the weekend it cleared up, but it got all rainy and gloomy as soon as the weekdays started (a sign possibly? LOL)

    heyhey can we be blog buddies? :3

  3. Man, I was so going to watch the Tony’s but forgot :( oh well, ill just browse youtube and see what i can find XD glad you liked it. i guess it was worth not studying history XD hehe

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