Book Review: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2
Publication Date: April 1st 2006 by Miramax
Rating: StarStarStarStar |

Summary: After a summer spent trying to prevent a catastrophic war among the Greek gods, Percy Jackson is finding his seventh-grade school year unnervingly quiet. His biggest problem is dealing with his new friend, Tyson, a six-foot-three, mentally challenged homeless kid who follows Percy everywhere, making it hard for Percy to have any normal friends. But things don’t stay quiet for long.

Percy soon discovers there is trouble at Camp Half-Blood: the magical borders that protect Half-Blood Hill have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy, and the only safe haven for demigods is on the verge of being overrun by mythological monsters. To save the camp, Percy needs the help of his best friend, Grover, who has been taken prisoner on an island somewhere in the Sea of Monsters, the dangerous waters Greek heroes have sailed for millennia. Only today, the Sea of Monsters goes by a new name: The Bermuda Triangle.

Together with his friends, Percy must retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Island of the Cyclopes or Camp Half-Blood will be destroyed. But first, Percy will learn a stunning new secret about his family, one that makes him question whether being claimed as Poseidon’s son is an honor or simply a cruel joke.

Review Overview:

  • Fun, action-packed adventure story
  • Not familiar with Greek mythology? It’s okay – you won’t get lost.
  • Fantastic sequel and I can’t wait to read more.

After months and months, I finally got around to reading the second book in the Percy Jackson series. I honestly don’t know why I wasted so much time because I enjoyed it so much!

At this point, I’m pretty much over the fact that this is a middle grade novel. I still remember my doubts when I started the first book because I found out that Percy was in middle school. Obviously the film makers skipped over that little fact since I had only gotten interested in the book after seeing the film trailer. Once I started reading, it became so easy to forget about age. The story is full of action, mythology, and humor which makes such a great combination. It turns out to be one of those books that the phrase, “Just one more chapter,” cannot coexist with. In one sitting, I managed to read through half the page without even realizing I had read so much. I couldn’t resist.

Honestly, I am very rusty with my Greek mythology and Rick Riordan – and Percy, even – make sure that the readers aren’t lost. The myths are perfectly infused within the story. Furthermore, Percy admits a couple of times that he is never good at remembering heroes and their stories, which made me feel a lot better that I had no idea who some of new characters were.

Out of all the new characters, my favorite would have to be Tyson. Despite the initial resentment I felt, which completely reflected Percy’s, I eventually grew to love the big guy. He is such a fun character who will definitely make you laugh.

As a reader who is always wary of sequels, THE SEA OF MONSTERS does not disappoint. I can’t wait to go to the library so I can pick up the next book in the series. I think I’m hooked. If you love Greek mythology and/or a great adventure story, just read this series already!


  1. I also struggled at first hearing Percy was in middle school, but I love this series! I read this one a few months ago and laughed so hard! PARTY PONIES!

  2. I’m rusty on my Greek mythology, too, but I still really want to read this series sometime so it’s a good thing you didn’t get lost.

  3. OMG, since you really liked The Sea of Monsters you HAVE to read the rest of the Percy Jackson series. It only gets better. Riordan’s writing improves as well, so the characters don’t seem so young. I actually read these books last year when I was taking a Greek mythology class, and used them to help me on tests. It was easy to remember the characters of the myths after Percy ran into them. :D I should really send Riordan a letter thanking him because I know I wouldn’t have gotten the grade that I got without help from his books.

    1. LMAO! My friend is actually taking a mythology class this semester so I’ll have to tell her to read Percy Jackson sooner than later. I’m excited to read the next one now. I’m going to the library tomorrow and I’ll pick it up!

      (I sent you an email!)

  4. I’ve been meaning to read this since I read #1 in the summer. I just got it from the library so hopefully I’ll have a review for it as well! :)
    Thanks for the positive review!

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