Book Chat: Reading Pet Peeves

This blog post is long overdue. Oops. I posted this video last week on YouTube but since my social life has gotten quite a bit hectic recently, I’ve been neglecting the blog.

Anyway, this is the video in which I talk about reading pet peeves.

Reading Pet Peeves

  1. Cracked spines on paperbacks. So ugly. I try to avoid buying paperbacks altogether since I think hardcovers are a lot prettier, but sometimes, I just have to settle for the cost. To avoid the cracked spines, I usually try to read my books at a 45 – 90 degree angle.
  2. Reading books wide open. Okay, I guess my 45 – 90 degree angle rule applies to all kinds of books. I hate it when people flatten my books open. It pains me.
  3. Dogeared pages. Is it that difficult to find a bookmark? A scrap paper would do! A ribbon, a takeout menu, etc.
  4. Writing in books. Writing in books is understandable when it’s reading for school. I get that. But any other marks in books are unacceptable. Post-its anyone?


  1. I don’t mind damage on my books and it’s so cool how we all love to read but have different styles and forms to how we do it. Don’t cringe but in paperbacks I take the left side and turn it all the way to the back; so it’s cover to cover. In hardbacks, since I can’t bend them, I mostly read them while laying down and put a side on the bed and the other is up. :| And no one has mentioned this but don’t your arms get tired while holding a book? Especially if it is small. ;)

    1. OH my god, yes I’m definitely cringing!!! :P

      My hands usually don’t get tired since I usually prop my arms against a surface or my lap :P

  2. Hmmm. I love pretty books, I must admit. When they are in perfect condition and have no cracks, highlighting or marks, they are my favorite. But I also don’t mind some damage on my books, especially on my Romance paperbacks, because the more creased or cracked it is, the more I enjoyed it. I don’t like writing in books at all though, so I totally understand. I don’t even write in books for school either. I am guilty of dogearing my pages, but it rarely happens, I swear! Usually, I use anything, even a receipt of scrap of paper…I’ve even used napkins once :)

    1. Romance novels are definitely okay when it comes to creases on the spine cause I think it’s unavoidable. :P

      Haha, I’d rather forget what page I’m on than dogear a page!!!

  3. I agree with all these points except for one major argument … no writing in books?! I love being able to put my analytical mark on the actual text. It makes me feel as though the reading experience is so much more democratic and more of a two way street. If I don’t like something the author write, yes … I will write on his text and yell at him with lots of “!!!!’s”

  4. I agree. 1-4. All of it!

    You have no idea how long it takes me to pick out a paperback from the bookshelf. I will stand there until I find one that hasn’t been opened/ruined by others.

  5. Paperbacks are light and simply portable, but they do cause a problem for me as well! Hardcovers are nice to have, but they do take up a lot of space, so I reluctantly use paperbacks on the road.

    I do use a bookmark (dunkin donuts napkin) :).

    1. Paperbacks are definitely easier to travel with, but now I’d rather just buy the ebook than the paperback since in the end, the prices are really similar.

      Any bookmark is better than dogeared pages. :)

  6. I agree with alex on this one, I loooove writing on my books. It’s a must when learning a new language, and if I see a quote or word I like, I just underline it, and try to use it when the opportunity comes. I definitely don’t like bending pages though, that, and stickers that leave sticky goo residue on my book. ;(

  7. I didn’t have a big problem with crack spines in paperbacks until I read books published by Mira…the covers are all nice and soft but the spines creased so badly and so easily that I felt so bad. I ordered the UK covers specifically because of the pretty covers and now its hard to look at them.

    Its been a long time since I’ve seen anyone dog ear a page or write in a book and I think that’s cause most people I know either don’t read very much or they love reading so they take care of their books except for one particular friend though. I spent time at her house and the state her books broke my heart, at one point she through a book on the floor. Not out of anger but just to toss it out of the way. :o…:'(

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