Book Chat: Movie Adaptations

What’s your opinion of movie adaptations?

If I find out that a movie is based on  the book, I’m one of those people who would rather read the book first. (Unless it’s one of those movies that I end up finding out it’s based on the book after I’ve already seen it.) Unfortunately, if I end up reading the book and hating it, I end up not seeing the movie at all. This has happened to me on several occasions:

In both cases, I ended up not being a fan of the ending at all, which is a huge deal-breaker. As much as the movie trailers interested me, I just couldn’t get myself to watch the movies to this day. I’ve heard that the ending of Dear John is different from the novel, so maybe there is a slight chance that I’ll watch it in the future.

A movie adaptation that I do love? Lord of the Rings blew me away and of course there’s:


  1. I really liked The Time Traveler’s Wife, as a book. I’ve never seen the movie. The book was depressing enough, so I had no interest in sitting through another 2 or so hours of the same depression.

    I’ve never read Dear John, but I did read Sparks’ A Walk to Remember AFTER seeing the movie, and was insanely disappointed. The book was so blah full of absolutely nothing compared to the movie.

    1. LOL. I think the fact that it was depressing was one of the reasons I didn’t like it. Me + depressing books = not a good match.

      Well good thing I haven’t read AWTR yet. I really did like the movie though but I watched that before I even knew who Nicholas Sparks was.

  2. I definitely have to read the book first. The books are always better. I didn’t like the movie of the Time Traveler’s Wife, but I loved the book. I loved the Twilight series but the movies suck.

    1. I think everyone says that about the Twilight films! I’ve never read or seen the movies though so I can’t be one to judge.

    1. I just watched Percy Jackson over the summer and I was really disappointed as well. On one hand, I liked that the character was a bit older, but on the other hand the characters were just not the same. The book was SO much funnier too!

  3. I prefer reading the book first but usually I see the movie first, mostly because I hear about the book later. I read Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice first and wasn’t fan of the movie. But I love Lord of the Rings.

    1. Yes! The Lord of the Rings movie actually made me want to tackle the books even if they were really long and intimidating back when I was in my early teens. :P

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