Behind the Book: The Ghost and the Goth & Stacey Kade

Behind the Book is an exclusive feature at Muggle-Born that gives readers an inside look into the editorial process of some of our favorite books. Plot changes, lost characters, and many more interesting topics are tackled in an interview with the author.

The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

I’m still definitely fan-girlying over Alona and Will so I’m so excited to share this interview with you guys. If you haven’t already, check out my reviews for The Ghost and the Goth and its sequel, Queen of the Dead.

Did You Know?

  • Leisel’s boyfriend was originally named Dan (see ARC) but was changed to Eric in the final draft!
  • The prologue of Alona’s accident did not exist in the original draft of the manuscript
  • Read on to find out more Behind the Book info about THE GHOST AND THE GOTH!

How many months did it take for you to write the original draft of THE GHOST AND THE GOTH?
The original draft took between two and three months. But that was a really, really rough draft! As in, it didn’t have an ending. :)

How long did the overall production of your book take from the moment you got your agent to the final publication date?
I got my agent–the awesome Laura Bradford–in April of 2008 and the book came out in June 2010.

Throughout the editorial process were there any significant changes to your story in terms of plot?
We didn’t have any massive changes to the plot, but there were a lot of points that needed to be further clarified, especially in regard to how the world worked. My editor, Christian Trimmer, is brilliant and asked lots of questions that really helped me refine the world and its rules.

Did you lose any characters along the way or go through any name changes?
Liesel’s boyfriend/fellow ghost was originally named Dan. In fact, if you read the ARC, it was still Dan! But by the time we were going through the last copy edits, I realized that Will’s father (named Daniel) would have a much larger role in the next book, so I asked if I could change her boyfriend’s name. I didn’t want to have two Dan/Danny characters playing fairly prominent roles! And thus, Liesel’s boyfriend became Eric, which, actually, I like better anyway!

What was the most challenging part of writing and the editorial process?
It’s always a little scary when it becomes REAL, you know? I was very worried–and still am!–about doing a good job, for the story itself and for the people who put their trust in me as a writer. So, to me, that was the hardest part, keeping the faith that I would do my best and that my best would be enough.

Did THE GHOST AND THE GOTH go through any title changes?
Nope, that’s the title I submitted. :)

What did it feel like to have the final copy of the book in your hands?
Not quite real! It felt so strange to open the cover and see words that I’d written, you know? But it was so amazing and rewarding to hold in my hands a tangible result of years of work.

Is there anything else that you could tell us about THE GHOST AND THE GOTH that we wouldn’t know unless we were part of the editorial team at Hyperion?
The prologue, in which Alona sneaks out of school and “meets” the bus, didn’t exist in the original draft. That was Christian’s suggestion, and I love it! I think it adds some important context and depth to Alona’s life, immediately pre-death. :)

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  1. I love this interview! I’m such a snoop when it comes to behind the book trivia :) I’m really glad that first scene with Alona was added. It sets up the story really well in that it’s both serious and funny and also shows off both sides of Alona’s personality.

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