Beantown, New England

Happy belated Fourth of July!!! I would have blogged sooner, but I only came back from Boston yesterday.

I’m further convinced that there is no better city in the world than New York City. Though I have to admit: Boston is a very picturesque city. I love the brownstones and the overall historic feel of the city but it wasn’t enough for me. It didn’t feel alive. I do give credit that it is a very college town and it’s summer. I really wouldn’t mind living or going to school there, but I know that I can never stay there forever. I belong in New York City. I really do.
Did I mention that my mom called me a loud and obnoxious New Yorker? Funny. I don’t even live in New York. Yet.

On the car ride back, I made an oath to myself to challenge other major cities and see how they measure up to my standards. So far, the list consists of Paris, London, Philadelphia, and Hong Kong. It’s a weird array, but I figured its good to have a mix. Chances are, it will be years before I even accomplish  this mission. I know I won’t be traveling for a while, unfortunately. I will do it eventually, and I will just have to get back to you.
In terms of the holiday, I didn’t even watch the fireworks. Boston does have a pretty impressive Fourth of July celebration but my family decided to skip it. I didn’t mind. I’m really not a fan of fireworks. It’s just a bunch of different chemicals that are ignited. Instead, we just grabbed some Ben & Jerry’s and headed back to the hotel.

I ended up reading the whole night instead of watching the televised Fourth of July spectacular. It’s weird. After not reading “a real book” for pleasure in such a long time, I feel like I just want to get my hands on everything. – which is great! I want to be prepared for my fall internship and reading will do just that. On the bright side, I finally convinced my sister to continue the Harry Potter series. While she’s away at “philantrophy camp”, she’ll be reading the Chamber of Secrets and possibly the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Nine days to go!


  1. Heyy. :)
    Rofll. I’m from Boston, but I live in the suburbs and I don’t really go to the city much; I just hang out with my friends in my town =). I think Boston is okay. I’m glad it’s not so loud & busy like New York City.. NYC is just not for me. :) But hey, it’s cool that you got to travel here ^^

  2. Lol thankyou (: and yes I’m always so retarded in vlogs because I never remember what to say. So I’ll see how that goes (:
    Lol! I’ve always wanted to go to New York, mainly for their christmas times, their so beautiful! And it always always snows..but maybe that just my impression from watching way too many movies.. egh. Lol, well you can cross out London if you like, its not great.. its like a piece of trash.. but filled with pearls.. making it look so lovely on the outside, but after living there its like = ew. Still, I would miss it (: haha.

  3. Haha I am no where near where you live, so I won’t know! Since you’re a ‘loud’ person, would you want Tokyo on your list? Not like I live there but yeah ;-)

    Can tell your a big HP fan, my bff is too, so uh we’ll race and see who watches it first okay? XD JK!

  4. Ugh, my comment was deleted by mistake. Oh well… anyway, did you see the Harry Potter guy yet? And by the way, New York is awesome haha. Woot, you’re a city girl at heart :)

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