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Whip It!

After a terrible day, I was glad that I decided to go out and see a movie with friends yesterday. While we had originally planned to see Love Happens, I convinced them to watch Whip It instead.

Whip It, starring Ellen Page, is about a rebellious seventeen-year-old who is tired of following her mother’s agendas in the beauty paegent world. Ellen’s character discovers the aggressive sport of rollerskating derby in which she finds a place where she belongs.

The movie itself was better than I expected. One cannot help but adore Ellen Page and the rest of the cast. I laughed out loud, I cried, and I grimaced throughout the whole movie. I love how Drew Barrymore starred and directed the movie. Her character Smashley Simpson was definitely one of my favorites. Since I don’t want to give much away, I’ll just state that my favorite scene out of the whole film was the pool scene. I think that the scene was just incredibly beautiful. It was breathtaking and I was simply in awe the whole time. Furthermore, the movie had a catchy soundtrack, and I felt that I was tapping my toe the entire time. Rollerskating derby looked so much fun, and though it’s violent in nature, it would look fun to try!

Ellen always portrays strong female characters in her movies, and this is no exception. Her character was determined to do whatever it takes to pursue her dreams. Though the road was tumultuous, she never gave up and tried her best to be her own hero. After Whip It, I am definitely looking forward to more movies starring Ellen  and/or directed by Drew.

Did I mention I got a free t-shirt? It was the perfect way to top it all off.

I highly recommend that everyone see Whip It. It comes out this Friday, October 2, 2009.


  1. 1. I recognize that scan.
    2. I LOVED the movie too. I kind of want to see it again!
    3. Landon Pigg. Enough said.
    4. I can’t wait to wear my t-shirt on Tuesday

  2. I love that scan that you used!
    And yeah, the walks are good. And the laryngitis isn’t too bad. People make fun of me though cause of the way i talk, or more like whisper. I can’t yell at them either cause I cant really yell/talk. Haha .

    I’ve got to read a book in english, so hopefully I’ll get around to reading then!

    That movie sounds like a good one! I might have to see it xD

  3. Awww I love Ellen Page (: My friend says she looks funny but she’s just jealous ! :P I wanna watch that movie badly now ! Maybe I’ll watch it next week… if it’s in my nearest theatre…
    ooooo a free t-shirt :D

  4. wow sounds like fun ^_^ i havent been watching tv lately so i dont know much about the movies out lately, but i heard of that one with ellen page! ;3 i love her shes awesome :mrgreen:

    teehehe freebies :3 i love freebies *_*

  5. Sounds like a cool movie! I have a big list of movies i want to see.
    Haha, thanks. I often forget that average people arnt bendy. but for me its just something i see as really normal.

  6. I visited this site before, but I forgot to leave a comment.

    First, let me just say that it’s very unique of you to post your blog entries as images! I haven’t seen that anywhere before, but I like it :grin: and your domain name… woo for HP fans!!! :mrgreen:

    Whip It sounds like an interesting movie, judging by your review.. I enjoy watching Ellen page too and admire her for being a really great actress while still so young. It makes me really proud that she’s Canadian like me! haha

    anyways….. EXPELLIARMUS!

  7. That’s great that you enjoyed Whip It. It’s not a movie I was considering seeing. I think I have only see Ellen in Juno but I did love her in it.

  8. Helloooo (:
    how are you?
    i’m sorry for not contacting you!
    i suck at being an affie :|

    so what you up to?

    love the site still!

    greg xx

  9. I wanna see this movie eventually though I’m in no rush though I love Drew I just don’t get this movie from looking at the trailers.

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